10 steps to beat anxiety

We continue to search for tricks, home remedies, tips and any help that exists to learn how to manage anxiety. We know that it is not easy; we know that controlling anxiety implies a long process of vital restructuring, learning to live in a different way and asking for specialized help.

We also know that we need time to manage anxiety, to identify the symptoms, and to anticipate the causes of that anxiety. And without neglecting professional help, which is essential for the treatment of anxiety , there are some steps that we can take on our own to start fighting anxiety.

Steps to combat anxiety

  1. Don’t rush. “Dress me slowly, I’m in a hurry” is the saying that reflects the risk of rushing everywhere, or doing things quickly. The rush is one of the main causes of anxiety, without time to do all the daily tasks; we do them fast and badly. And then we can’t help but think that we could have done better.
  2. Organization. Organization on a day-to-day basis is essential, also to avoid rushing, not having pending tasks and keeping track of our time. Keeping an agenda so as not to forget important matters and knowing how much time we have will help us keep anxiety under control.
  3. Select. In the management and organization of our time, but also of our life, it is very important to select. Establishing priorities, eliminating useless commitments and learning to say “no” are the keys to managing our lives and warding off anxiety.
  4. Positive thinking. We will not be able to combat anxiety if we do not transform our way of seeing life. Getting overwhelmed and worrying about problems will only increase anxiety and decrease the possibility of finding a solution to daily problems.
  5. Healthy life. Although it seems obvious, healthy lifestyle habits show their effects not only on quality of life, but also on anxiety. A balanced diet and physical exercise are two of the best allies in our fight against anxiety.
  6. Emotional balance. Anxiety is an emotional disorder, so we must work to restore emotional balance. An emotional stability that we are going to need to face adversity calmly, with intelligence and without nerves.
  7. Self-esteem. The lack of self-esteem favors the appearance of anxiety, because we feel more insecure, incapable and fearful. Maintaining self-esteem at adequate levels and learning to love ourselves means spending more time on ourselves, doing things that make us feel good.
  8. Realism. As it happens with many other emotional disorders, anxiety comes to distort the vision we have of reality. Our situation can’t be that terrible, but we can’t launch ourselves to eat the world by setting unattainable goals, because frustration also generates anxiety.
  9. Relaxation. One of the fundamental duties that we should not leave undone if we want to effectively combat anxiety is relaxation. A relaxation that we can find in breathing exercises or in disciplines such as yoga or meditation.
  10. Rest. Sleeping and sleeping wellis essential to face the day with energy, without feeling exhausted. Fatigue can become both a symptom, a consequence and even a cause of anxiety, so we must start any battle against anxiety well rested.

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