Eating carbs to relieve anxiety

Pressure, stress and anxiety disorders often lead to the door of the refrigerator. The relationship between anxiety and food seems like a most stable and long-lasting union, but the truth is that calming anxiety with compulsive eating is not the healthiest. Some researchers say that if you are trying to relieve anxiety by eating, it is best to eat carbohydrates.

Anxiety eating

Eating for anxiety or anxiety about eating. It is not known where an emotional disorder begins to become an eating disorder, but the fact is that anxiety and food often come together. In no case should binge-based anxiety symptoms be alleviated, but it is true that some foods can help us reduce anxiety.

Specifically, it seems that carbohydrates have a calming action, like an anxiolytic, to reduce nervousness and other symptoms of anxiety. Although we insist that the treatment for anxiety is not behind the refrigerator door. An anxiety problem can be aggravated if we add an eating disorder to it, so we must be very careful in our relationship with food.

Where to find carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates, once converted into glucose, inject energy into the brain and the nervous system, in particular. That’s why they can help relieve anxiety. Foods that contain carbohydrates include fruits, whole grains, rice, and dairy products. It’s also found in sugary items like candy and soft drinks, but it’s obviously not the healthiest source of carbs.

It is true that carbohydrates can increase the calories we need daily, so if we are going to eat carbohydrates with a view to alleviating anxiety, the ideal is to eat them during the first half of the day. As long as we can stay in control of our eating, we can play with food to feel better. In addition, it has been proven that paying attention to what we eat, especially at dinner, can help us to be more relaxed.

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