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Anxiety dry mouth syndrome: combat bad breath

If you have a dry mouth due to anxiety, it will surely seem like the least of your problems. But as you already know, suffering from an anxiety not only affects the emotional level, but...

Anxiety in old age: anxiety disorders in our elders

Adolescents, young women with labor problems, single mothers, men who do not adapt to unemployment... are the most common profiles of people who suffer from anxiety.  Although the truth is that anxiety disorders do not...

OCD verification or pathological doubt: what it consists of

Emotional disorders can radically complicate the lives of the people who suffer from them.  One of the most dangerous and obvious is Obsessive, which fills your life with doubts and the need to check...

Eating for anxiety, why do we do it?

Confusing emotions with food is something very common and that many times you are not even aware of it. Surely you have found yourself at home for a few days, relaxing on the sofa,...

Anxiety is noticeable on the skin and these are its terrible effects

Around 40% of the Spanish population will suffer from anxiety problems at some point in their lives and everything indicates that this percentage will increase. The picture in the rest of the world is similar,...

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