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Eating carbs to relieve anxiety

Pressure, stress and anxiety disorders often lead to the door of the refrigerator. The relationship between anxiety and food seems like a most stable and long-lasting union, but the truth is that calming anxiety with compulsive eating...

Olive oil to combat anxiety and pain

We continue to search for reliable, effective and safe alternatives for the treatment of different diseases. The trend is to unite science and nature to enjoy a better quality of life and the truth is...

Animals also suffer from anxiety: causes, symptoms and manifestations

Until now we have been looking at the relationship between animals and emotional disorders as a treatment. In other words, we presented companion animals as a good resource to improve our state of mind in cases of depression and...

The anxiety caused by traveling in 8 funny gifs

Planning a trip can cause a lot of headaches because, if spontaneity is not your thing, you want to have everything controlled to the millimeter. But even more so if you are a person who suffers from anxiety, then everything turns...

Symptoms of a panic attack: identify it and stop it in time

A panic attack can happen to anyone, and it doesn't always happen at a time of stress or anxiety. The panic attack goes beyond anxiety problems, it is one more step of this evil that...

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