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Guide to understanding separation anxiety disorder in adults

Imagine that you have a job offer abroad. Your working life does not depend on it, but the truth is that it would enrich you professionally and personally. You think about accepting it, but when you...

The effects of drugs on anxiety

The relationship between drugs and anxiety is twofold. Sometimes anxiety leads to an addiction problem while other times it is the drugs that generate an anxiety disorder. But what interests us most about drugs in relation to anxiety are the effects...

Hypnosis to treat anxiety; is it reliable?

Among the number of treatments for anxiety, we find one that comes surrounded by controversy, suspicion and mistrust. It is about hypnosis, a therapy that has already been presented as effective in overcoming some addictions, eating...

Bach flower remedies for anxiety

Bach flower therapy is based on the belief that any physical condition finds its origin in an emotional imbalance. When something goes wrong on the psychic plane, it manifests itself through illnesses. Taking into account that...

Did you know that playing poker removes anxiety? More advantages

At this point we have already put on the table an endless number of anxiety treatment options. From alternative therapies to psychotherapy through anxiety pills. However, we had left behind a resource that is not a...

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