Anxiety for the purchases of Kings: forget about the stress

The final point of Christmas is set by the Three Wise Men. A moment that is usually quite stressful due to the nerves of children, but also of adults. A moment that is preceded by all the stress of Christmas and several weeks thinking and organizing the purchases of Three Kings.

We cannot get carried away by the maelstrom of these Christmas parties because if we fall into the consumerist and hypocritical clichés of Christmas it will be impossible to deal with  anxiety problems. The organization of Christmas and the purchases of Three Kings are better to do at our own pace and be guided by our own principles.

The stress of shopping for Kings

More and more frequently, the gifts of Kings produce enormous frustration that easily leads to anxiety. Economic problems make it impossible to meet the expectations of the little ones in terms of Kings’ gifts and we cannot fill the room with gifts for our siblings, parents, etc.

In addition, the time of the Three Kings implies many other purchases, depending on how many are going to gather at home, food, the dinner before the Three Kings, the Three Kings Day roscoe, etc. It is more than frequent that we face this moment with our nerves on edge, especially since we have already arrived with all the accumulated stress of Christmas.

But the problem of this anxiety is deep. We are too used to show our affection with material gifts and the most expensive the better. A gift can take a thousand forms and they do not necessarily have to go through spending a fortune. That is something that deep down we all know, but that very few people put into practice.

Avoid anxiety about shopping for Kings

The truth is that as long as we do not distance our children from this culture of consumerism, we are going to have to continue asking the Three Wise Men for expensive gifts, so it is best to get ahead of the Three Wise Men and decide on the gifts in advance.  You can also opt for the Internet as the perfect way to do your Reyes shopping ahead of time and at a cheaper price.

And if with the illusion of children we do not dare to play, we can begin to transform the adult concept of Three Kings Day. We are all aware of the crisis situation, so there is no point in pretending nothing happened and doing a round of Christmas gifts for the whole family .

There are countless details that we can share with our family if we follow the fashion of “doing it yourself” and we can also buy gifts throughout the year, on vacation or on business trips. In any case, the premise so that the purchases of Kings do not overwhelm us, is to have everything prepared well in advance.

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