Divorce anxiety: tips to overcome a marital separation

Even in the friendliest cases, divorce is not a bitter pill and a source of anxiety, nerves and anguish. And it is that overnight you have gone from having a family to losing everything.  There? The truth is, you’ve only lost one husband. And surely you will have won many more things.

We do not want to err on the side of being frivolous because we are well aware that a divorce can cause an infinite number of concerns, problems and can cause generalized anxiety that will only make the situation more complicated. But we do want to relativize  the marital separation somewhat. Because it is one of those moments that we can overcome and, with the passage of time, even forget.

Reasons for anxiety about getting divorced

There are many sources of worry and anxiety when you are facing a divorce or marital separation. The main source of nervousness is if your children are going to suffer during the divorce process and with the change that occurs in the family structure. But there are also economic and sentimental reasons.

Thinking about the divorce may make you feel more alone, you may doubt your ability to raise your children practically alone, or the breakup may have occurred without you wanting it and you may be heartbroken. It is a moment that is surrounded by feelings  such as sadness, disappointment, guilt or frustration, in addition to moving in the field of uncertainty because it is a new situation.

How to explain to children that their parents are separating, dealing with the feelings of a broken partner, coping with a change of residence or family roles, and assuming the sentimental breakup are some of the main reasons for divorce anxiety. And the truth is that it is a logical concern, but you cannot allow it to become an anxiety disorder.

Avoid the anxiety that a divorce generates

When the symptoms of divorce anxiety lead you to have problems carrying out your daily activities, without a doubt, you should see a doctor to find the most appropriate anxiety treatment. But there are also some things that you must be very clear about and that, even if you know them, perhaps you should not lose sight of them.

A divorce is a breakup of a couple, in no case is you breaking the family you have built. So don’t feel guilty because your children will win with the new family situation if you manage to face it naturally and without drama. Regarding your sentimental situation, it may be necessary to overcome a period of mourning for separation, but it will not take you long to discover the advantages of being single again.

The best way to avoid the anxiety caused by all those economic and material issues that arise with a divorce is to adopt a conciliatory position at all times. In case one of the parties is not aware of the damage that can be done by maintaining a belligerent attitude, it is best to distance yourself and leave such matters in the hands of a lawyer.

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