Footballers also have anxiety

Anxiety, despite affecting women to a greater extent, occurs in the life of any person.  Young people, old people, executives, factory workers, teachers, housewives, anonymous people and celebrities.

The sports world is no stranger to anxiety disorders, and many soccer players find their nervousness impairing their performance in soccer matches.

Anxiety in soccer players

They are famous people, admired, followed, idolized. They are the footballers, guarantors of the illusions of millions of fans who place their hopes in them. Soccer players also have anxiety and one of the reasons is the pressure they are under. The high salary of elite footballers is not a sufficient reason for many of them to suffer the weight of responsibility.

But not only elite footballers suffer from anxiety. The world of sports in general is very competitive. Footballers are still hard-working, tenacious people who seek to improve themselves and the rival team. We are not far from the area of ​​​​pressure, the pressure for the result, the pressure to be the fastest, the one who scores the most goals or the pressure not to disappoint millions of eyes that are attentive both to victory and to the slightest failure.

And the thing is that footballers also suffer from nerves before a game and those after a game as well, because their worth is judged by spectators, by fans, by the press, by the coach himself, by themselves. How many footballers have hidden their insecurity resulting from anxiety in haughty and aggressive behavior?

Reasons for anxiety in soccer players

Pressure is not the only reason for anxiety in a footballer. Being in the crosshairs of the not only sports press generates more than one anxiety disorder among footballers and famous people. Soccer players are admired as well as sent. But in the end, when they get home, they feel the same fears, the same doubts and the same insecurity as the rest of mortals, even though their house is not a 40 square meter flat.

Although it may seem paradoxical, job instability is another reason for anxiety in soccer players. It is true that they live at another level, but footballers are people with a very short working life. What will happen in the future? In the same way that not all soccer players can be elite, not all elite soccer players can be successful coaches. Many are left on the road with a future as uncertain as it is dark.

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