How anxiety affects social relationships

Fear, insecurity and danger are the feelings that surround you when you suffer from an anxiety disorder. This is a situation that can have a very negative effect on your social life, even leading to isolation. Anxiety is a disorder that endangers your health, your job, your partner and your whole life in general. Discover how anxiety affects social relationships.

Anxiety and social isolation

Social isolation caused by anxiety seems to focus on specific emotional disorders such as social phobia or obsessive-compulsive disorder. But generalized anxiety can gradually end your social life and find yourself at home, alone and not wanting to go out, let alone see anyone.

One of the consequences of anxiety is the progressive deterioration of social relationships.  Because your anxiety not only affects your family and your partner, without your social life can be canceled due to your anxiety problem. Because? It is not easy to continue relating to other people when your reality is distorted, when you live in fear and insecurity and when you see any situation as a threat or danger.

Going out into the street and getting away from that security redoubt that you have been building as anxiety progressed is not easy. Nor is it easy to act in the usual way with your friends when your head does not stop spinning to a possible panic attack. Anxiety limits because you need more than ever to have everything under control. And the less things to attend to, the less things to worry about.

Don’t let anxiety keep you at home

Your anxiety is going to need psychological treatment to overcome your fears and irrational thoughts. Phobias that prevent you from carrying out certain activities and that end up limiting your life to unimaginable extremes deserve special attention. But there are also fears that you must face on your own if you don’t want anxiety to end your social life.

Your circle of friends may not understand your reluctance to have a group dinner with so many people, or that you do not want to spend the weekend in a rural house for fear of an anxiety attack. They may not understand it if they have never suffered from anxiety, but you will have to be the one to explain it to them, honestly and with the confidence that is assumed in a group of friends.

Because suffering from an anxiety disorder is also a test of friendship. If the main obstacle for you to continue with your life is the misunderstanding that generates anxiety, do not hesitate to provide your friends with all the information about your problem. Having anxiety is not something to be ashamed of and your friends will be able to change their behavior more easily if they know that it is a temporary problem that you are going to overcome, why not, with their help.

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