The anxiety generated by the mobile phone and the risk of dependency

There are many causes of anxiety and little by little we are learning about all the reasons that can increase our anxiety, however strange they may be. This is the case of the mobile  or cell phone, depending on where in the world you use it. This little device, which was created as a way to communicate with others, is today one of the major causes of anxiety disorders.

What do we use the mobile phone for?

If the arrival of the mobile phone meant a radical change in social relationships, the arrival of the smartphone is bringing about a revolution at work, social, family and sentimental levels. There is not a single area of ​​life that escapes the smartphone effect, since we can  find applications for everything, from following a diet to cheering us up for the day.

And we cannot deny the dependency that this mobile phone generates and to what extent it has interfered in our lives in a way that, whether we like it or not, we will no longer be able to stop. We depend on the smartphone to meet friends, to receive work emails (even if it’s not working hours), to flirt with that guy we met over the weekend, to keep an eye on our boyfriend and even to notify our mother when we’re going to go visit her.

We also use our mobile phones to check Facebook, write a Tweet or upload a photo to Instagram that shows how much fun we are having. GPS is very useful for when we can’t find a street and the games are perfect when we have to wait three minutes for the next train. This is how we are glued to the mobile phone all day. And that we have not even wanted to mention What Sapp.

Mobile phone jitters

“I just want my mobile to call and have they called me.” It is one of the phrases that can still be heard today about mobile phones, pronounced by those outsiders, who rebel against new technologies. We, more moderate, have always thought that technological advances are there to be used and enjoyed, but not to harm us.

And it is that this dependency generated by the mobile phone can become an emotional disorder in the form of nomophobia, which is neither more nor less that terror that invades you when you think that you have left your mobile at home or that you have lost it. Less terror, but restlessness and anguish is what some people feel when they are at a social event and realize that they do not have coverage. How many What Sapp are missing?

Being in permanent contact with others generates anxiety and nervousness, the same as waiting for a response to a What Sapp, a message or a call. Although when the phone is most harmful to our anxiety it is at night. Some people sleep glued to their smartphones, checking their accounts on social networks or chatting on What Sapp with three people at the same time. And it is that at night, the mobile phone is a safe bet for insomnia.

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