The signs that indicate that you are a person with anxiety

Anxiety is part of the human condition but when it is too intense it becomes a suffering that must be controlled.

There are signs that indicate that you are an anxious person, and here we show you some of them:

– “I have to talk to you” is the worst phrase that can be said to you.

– When someone takes time to say a sentence, you feel like saying: “Start now!”

-Waiting for someone more than 10 minutes becomes unbearable.

– The phone rings and you think that surely something bad has happened.

– There is nothing worse for anxiety than a “calm down.”

– You know that if there is something that can go wrong it will go wrong.

– You don’t know what it’s like to go to bed and sleep instantly.

– You always doubt your decisions.

– You bite your nails when you have to wait for web pages to load.

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