The best sports to combat anxiety

We know that physical exercise is one of our best allies to combat anxiety and depression.  But we also know that when we are suffering from an emotional disorder, what we least want is to go out and play sports. We have to be realistic, but we also have to do our part.

The benefits of sports to treat anxiety are countless, but not all sports are appropriate. In addition, depending on the moment in which we find ourselves, the anxiety disorder will not allow us to do some sports. We discover the best sports to combat anxiety.

Sports that eliminate anxiety

What we are looking for when we talk about an anxiety disorder is to be able to feel better, happier, less worried and with more energy. For that there are some sports that can help us release all anxiety and tension as well as immediately provide us with a feeling of pleasure and vitality.

Sports like tennis, basketball, soccer or any that involves a relationship with other people and considerable physical effort, but without the need to be very concentrated, will help you eliminate all the negative energy that causes you anxiety. In addition, these types of sports are very good to avoid weight gain that sometimes comes with anxiety disorder.

Aerobics deserves a special mention, which for some specialists is highly recommended in cases of anxiety, while others consider it harmful, as it alters the heart rate and worsens the symptoms of anxiety. Choosing one theory or another involves testing how we feel doing this type of exercise.

Sports to relax

We cannot forget the importance of relaxation in cases of generalized anxiety. For this reason, we can also opt for those sports or physical activities that are aimed at finding some relaxation, improving our mood and seeking balance between body and mind.

We talk about yoga and Pilates, fundamentally, as the ideal techniques to feel good, recover the energy we lose due to anxiety and feel somewhat more relaxed. Walking outdoors, hiking or being in contact with nature is very relaxing exercises as long as we are not talking about an anxiety disorder such as agoraphobia.

Although the star sport to combat anxiety is swimming. A sport that allows us to maintain weight, release tension and relax, all at the same time. In addition, swimming reduces some of the symptoms of anxiety such as muscle pain and also works against insomnia.

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