8 phrases you can read when you have a panic attack

Above all, a lot of calm is a proposal that does not work very well when you or a panic attack. You don’t find comfort in phrases or advice when the anxiety spike hits, but they do come in handy once the storm has passed. Because after the crisis you run out of strength, confused, confused and, surely, making a lot of reproaches. Look at these phrases that you can read when you have a panic attack, maybe they can help you.

Phrases that can calm you down before an anxiety attack or a panic attack

Logically, we are not going to ask you to read these sentences when you are in the middle of a panic attack, unable to breathe and thinking that you are going to die, but you can read them once.

1 I am safe

It is the first thing you should say to yourself and think about after an anxiety attack or panic attack. I’m safe; I’m fine, nothing serious has happened. This phrase can help you remember that no one dies of anxiety and also to be aware that the panic you felt a moment ago is gone, so now you know it won’t stay forever.

2 There can be no calm if there was not a storm before.

This phrase is to comfort you for the bad time you just went through and if you are having a difficult time in general. Surely there are times when you don’t believe it and you would prefer not to go through those storms, but since the storm has arrived, it will have to be taken in the most positive way possible.

3 You are where you need to be, just breathe

You can believe it or not, but of course you should get used to the idea that you can learn something positive from this bad moment. You may not want to be there, at that point, but surely it is necessary for you to move.

4 Nothing is learned by being perfect, you have to make mistakes

After a panic attack, many people feel bad and reproach themselves for a supposed weakness that is not such. Anxiety grows and grows when you remind yourself how badly you do everything. And the truth is that you do not do everything wrong.

5 The soul is dyed with the color of your thoughts

We tend to idealize thought and that is why we believe everything we think. But the thoughts that arise in our mind do not have to be true; what’s more, when you suffer from an anxiety disorder, the thoughts are much further away from reality.

6 Forgiveness doesn’t change the past, but it does change the future.

You have to forgive yourself. You may also have to forgive others, but most of all you have to forgive yourself. Accept you, understand you, love you and see yourself in a more compassionate and less way. Only in this way can the degree of anxiety in which you live be reduced.

7 You don’t always need a plan, sometimes you need to trust, let go and see what happens

Do you need to have everything under control? Anxiety may be crushing you in this way because life has surprised you with some unforeseen events of greater or lesser importance, because things are not going as you expected and because everything is subject to uncertainty. If you’ve already tried to control everything and it hasn’t gone well, why don’t you try letting things be, things happen?

8 Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

Phrase more than once and we know very well that it is difficult to understand. There comes a time, when you are about to overcome your anxiety problems, when you begin to understand what has happened to you in recent times and when you understand how anxiety and fear really work in which this phrase for panic attacks makes sense.

So keep going, because you will get to this point leaving fear and panic attacks behind you.

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