The fears of anxiety: how to overcome them

Excessive worry gives way to fear, anguish, and fear and, on specific occasions, panic. Fear is inextricably linked to anxiety disorders, so linked that sometimes it is fear itself that generates anxiety. As we have proposed to get to know our enemy in depth in order to better combat it, we have reviewed the most common fears caused by anxiety. And next to each fear, we have included an objective reasoning.

The fears of anxiety

– Fear that everything will go wrong. It is the most common, most general and most frequent fear of anxiety. It is a fear that is the product of excessive worry and pessimistic and negative thinking. Health, work and love, fate seems to play with your vital security and that is when you start to suffer from a generalized anxiety disorder. Things may not go as you expected, but think that everything can improve with a little effort if you keep up the illusion.

– Fear of failure. The fear of failure appears not only in the workplace, but also in the personal. You didn’t get the job that everyone expected and you couldn’t buy the little house that everyone imagined for you, for your husband and for your precious children.  You have not failed. If life has not met your expectations, perhaps it is because you are not living yours, but that of others. Learn to live in the moment; learn to enjoy what you have.

– Fear of being ridiculous. Insecurity and lack of self-esteem are the promoters of this fear that you have that others will laugh at you or judge your behavior. This fear is at the base of social anxiety and can cause you to miss out on many opportunities to enjoy life.  Think that you can be wrong, like everyone else, but above all, think that others do not live by noticing every false step you take.

– Fear of going crazy. You are terrified of losing your mind, your head and the worst thing is that you feel that it is already happening to you. It is a specific fear of an anxiety attack  or a panic attack. Don’t worry, because you’re not going to go crazy. You know very well that this feeling of having lost control of your thoughts passes the moment the crisis ends.

– Fear of dying. This fear of dying also occurs during a panic attack. All those physical symptoms of anxiety, such as tachycardia, shortness of breath or dizziness lead you to think that you have reached the end and that your body is not going to withstand this situation. If you think about it, you know that it cannot be like that, that it is a moment of extreme anguish and panic, but in a few minutes it will have disappeared.

– Fear of anxiety. You have been living with anxiety problems for some time now, surely you have suffered several anxiety crises, you see how your nerves are beginning to affect your daily life and that scares you. Fear that it will get worse or of not knowing how to control it. Don’t worry; we can all learn to manage anxiety. But you must take as a priority the search for the most appropriate treatment for that anxiety.

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