Anxiety pills: are anxiolytics necessary?

It is true that there are many people who do not even want to hear about pills and prefer  to treat anxiety with natural remedies. But it is also true that for many other people, the mere idea of ​​leaving home without an anxiolytic in their bag can cause an anxiety attack.

And it is that anxiolytics have as many defenders as detractors. Do I need pills to overcome anxiety? That is the question that is being asked by more and more people alerted to the risk of dependency and the side effects of medications. These doubts, added to the trend of a healthier life focused on nature, jeopardize the reign of anxiolytics as an anxiety treatment.

Pills used to treat anxiety

Anxiolytics are the most widely used medications to treat anxiety. The different types of  benzodiazepines have played an indisputable role in combating the symptoms of anxiety for several decades. However, it seems that this reign is coming to an end given its high risk of dependency. And it is that diazepam, clonazepam, alprazolam or clonazepam, or their better-known names such as Valium or Orbital, end up becoming a real necessity.

Anxiety disorders are also treated with antidepressants. We cannot forget the Prozac cult that was the indispensable companion of every competent, interesting and sophisticated woman. Luckily, now it is trendier to combat anxiety with healthier methods such as meditation or aromatherapy. But that does not mean that we should completely forget about drug treatment to overcome emotional disorders such as anxiety or depression.

The need to take pills for anxiety

Because it is true that some anxiety disorders, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, will require drug treatment. Similarly, the most common anxiety problem, generalized anxiety disorder, may require medication to alleviate some of its symptoms. And of course, few are the people capable of overcoming a panic attack without pills.

But if in the case of depression we considered drug treatment necessary, the same is not true in the case of anxiety. Since it will totally depend on the lifestyle of the person suffering from anxiety, the type of anxiety disorder they suffer from and the severity of the symptoms.

In any case, we can affirm that the pills do not cure anxiety, but they can alleviate the symptoms. That is to say, we cannot base our treatment for anxiety on pills, since we will only be able to manage that anxiety with psychological help . However, depending on each person’s tolerance for anxiety symptoms, this type of medication will be seen as absolutely necessary or absolutely dispensable.

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