3 phrases to reduce anxiety and achieve happiness

There are phrases that sneak into our brain and stay there without even having invited them. Taglines that, instead of helping us face situations of stress or anxiety, all they do is hindering our path to happiness. We have selected some of those messages that swarm through our heads so that you can get rid of them. Do you want to know what they are?  Lazier tells you the 3 phrases that will help you reduce anxiety and achieve  happiness.

Anti-anxiety quote: You’re not the only person this happens to

Bad things have happened to all of us. What happens is that when they happen in a short time, the human being tends to think that he is the only one who has experienced that situation. For example, when someone has hurt you, you think that you are the most  unfortunate and the only one to whom that can happen. Do you know something? It is not like this! It is forbidden to think that you are the “poor thing”. First, because it is completely uncertain, because what happens to you almost certainly has happened to another person in this world, in the past, in the present or in the future, (sorry, you do not have the exclusive!); and, second, because the only thing you get with this attitude is to feel even worse. Okay, something bad has happened to you, but with this thought of “these things only happen to me” what you do is aggravate it and make it worse. Avoid doing this! It’s no use at all, just feeling lonely and isolated!

Phrase to reduce stress: The sooner you know, the better

Life is not perfect. Many times things do not go as we would like, they do not turn out to be as “perfect” as we planned. That “imperfection” the only thing you can achieve is to leave what you have achieved in the background. It is only up to us to turn our gaze to the positive side, focus on the good and, thus, move away from those imperfections. This can be applied to all areas of life: relationships, work, studies, home… nothing is perfect!  You have to accept things as they are and you have to always fix your gaze on the good.

Happiness quote: For a world free of expectations

When the people around you -your parents, your bosses, and your teachers place expectations on you, you feel so much responsibility for not wanting to disappoint or disappoint them or disappoint them that you end up making decisions to please them, without thinking about what really you want and what you need. Free yourself from that burden! Stop thinking about how to please others and think about yourself. Do not load your expectations on others, nor allow others to load them on you. Show that you are, your essence, and be happy.

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