Anxiety to eat: the most common Christmas problem

Experts point out that during the Christmas season most people gain and gain an average of 4 extra kilos. It is totally logical since the calorie intake is much higher than that of a normal day and you eat and drink all kinds of products. This anxiety about eating more than necessary has a series of subsequent consequences that are reflected at the end of the aforementioned Christmas holidays.

Consequences of eating with anxiety during Christmas

Those extra kilos at the end of Christmas is the result of copious, the little exercise that is done to burn those extra calories and the short time elapsed between meals. The problem that most nutritionists point out is that this weight gain occurs in a small interval of time that only includes about two weeks.

The problem for many women is that those 4 extra kilos are added to others that they already had before the parties began. The consequence of this is a total desperation to lose and that amount of kilos in the shortest possible time, resorting in many cases to the so-called miracle diets. Something totally inadvisable since they tend to produce the dreaded rebound effect. 

The intake of so much food during these days can generate a lot of anxiety among people. The high doses of sugar consumed can cause greater excitement and nervousness together with problems when it comes to falling asleep. That is why it is necessary to avoid as much as possible that the smallest of the house are stuffed with sweets and other  products that are too high in calories.

Therefore, remember to celebrate these holidays in a moderate way and without overdoing it, since in this way your health will thank you and you will not have problems with your weight at the beginning of the New Year. You can eat everything but in its proper measure to avoid excessive.

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