It is true that you marry the person you are in love with, but that person comes in an indivisible package with their family just like you do with yours. This causes countless family conflicts and the most common are between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.  Getting along badly with your mother-in-law can give rise to countless jokes and jokes, but the truth is that the in-laws can be very, very toxic and this is a major problem.  Because you can suffer anxiety because of your mother-in-law. And because also, a difficult relationship with the mother-in-law can be grounds.

Why does your mother-in-law make you anxious?

But before you break off your relationship, before the idea of ​​​​divorce crosses your mind, you are going to suffer through hell because of your in-laws. If you have been lucky to have a nosy mother-in-law who does not allow her son to have her own life from her, she will also have touched you to be the center of all her criticism from her of her from her.

Anxiety arises for many reasons, but one of them is difficult or toxic family relationships.  Your mother-in-law questions you as a wife and as a mother, she belittles you because you are not enough for her son de Ella and she because you will never live up to her expectations. It’s tempting to tell yourself not to be influenced by what your mother-in-law says or thinks about you, but it’s not that easy.

And here your husband comes into play. Because it is one thing for you to be sure of yourself and another thing is that every time you meet your mother-in-law at a family meal or every afternoon if she helps you with the children, the meeting turns into a pitched battle. That emotionally and psychologically wears you down and you run the risk of suffering from an anxiety disorder.

You are not the one who would have to suffer the blows of your mother-in-law and in that your husband cannot remain in spectator mode. The relationship with your mother-in-law could be cordial if your mother-in-law was willing. For the good of the family, for the common good, for the good of your children who are her grandchildren. But you alone cannot change the relational dynamics that your mother-in-law imposes. What can you do?

How to manage anxiety because of the mother-in-law?

Your health comes first. And if your relationship with your mother-in-law is affecting you to the point where you’re overwhelmed with anxiety, you’ll need to take action. It is essential to set limits and say, but you already know that. What you don’t know is how to do it, especially if you have children and your mother-in-law has to help you with the children.  Also, maybe you have already tried to set limits, to make things clear to your mother-in-law and it has not worked at all.

In these cases in which the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law becomes unbearable, your partner cannot stay in no man’s land. It’s not that he has to side with you or his mother; it’s that he has to mediate, he has to be the one to set the limits for his mother and he has to be the one to make her understand that it’s not about her. Who do you want more, but everyone has a place in this family.

Do not rule out going to a psychologist to treat your anxiety even if you know that the cause is your mother-in-law. Anxiety is a compelling reason to ask for help whatever the cause. And don’ts that your husband is aware of his role in this conflict. Your mental health is at stake, your marriage is at stake, and the only person who can do anything to improve this situation is your mother-in-law’s son.

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