Anxiety about getting pregnant: the obsession and stress of being a mother

While some affirm that the entire universe conspires to achieve what they want, others see how their desires are frustrated attempt after attempt as if it were precisely that same universe that does not allow them to achieve their goals. And this negative conspiracy is what produces anxiety. Anxiety about getting pregnant is one of the biggest obstacles to having your baby, and to your emotional well-being, especially if there are no physical impediments involved. Do the obsession and stress of being a mother affect fertility? How to avoid it?

Don’t you get pregnant because of anxiety?

You want to have a baby, you want to get pregnant, and there doesn’t seem to be any physiological impediment to getting it. You and your partner can try it with enthusiasm while waiting for the long-awaited moment of pregnancy, which will be the starting point for a new life and for a new family. There’s no rush, is there? It seems that anxiety and stress are real obstacles to pregnancy.

We enter a vicious circle. Because as the months go by and you can’t get pregnant, your nerves and worry increase. What if we can’t have the baby? What if I don’t get pregnant?  What’s going on? A lot of crazy and catastrophic ideas are going through your head, often caused by expectations that are too high and by that anxiety that is increasing. And precisely that psychological pressure is often going to interfere or delay your pregnancy.

When after months and months of trying there is no sign of pregnancy, it is very easy to ask for calm and to relax when the clock ticks and it seems as if you are running out of time. It is very easy to say that tranquility is your best ally to have your baby. But it’s so hard not to choke on anxiety and anguish when your greatest dream is hindered and further away every day…

How to reduce anxiety about getting pregnant?

Disappointment, fatigue, demotivation, feelings of guilt, social isolation and even relationship problems come hand in hand with this anxiety about getting pregnant. Don’t give up on anxiety or getting pregnant, and seek help from a fertility psychologist (perinatal psychologist) if you think you’ve reached that point where you can’t control your anxiety. If there is no physical problem for the pregnancy, anxiety is most likely the obstacle to getting pregnant, so get to work on proper management of your emotions.

Wait and change the focus of attention. Because maybe you should work on anxiety and reduce it before “obsessing” about getting pregnant. Take it as a medium-term investment in which you will gain in physical, mental and emotional health to face future pregnancy and motherhood with more strength and with more resources.

Many couples have been trying for a baby for months or even years with increasing anxiety as time went by without success. And when they have given it up, when they have turned their attention to other matters that is when the baby has arrived. Don’t you think it’s amazing? It is the anxiety itself that may be preventing you from getting pregnant.

So consult with professionals, psychologists and gynecologists, who can support you and help you achieve your dream of being a mother. Talk to your partner to relax the atmosphere a bit, resolve conflicts and achieve the peace of mind you need. Design and implement a plan to combat stress and anxiety, try to control disappointment and “accept” the situation, but without throwing in the towel.

The pregnancy will most likely come. But with the anxiety installed inside you, it will be more difficult to achieve it and you will suffer a lot along the way. On the other hand, they are not the best conditions to bring a baby into the world either, so think about what is best for your baby. If you are suffering from anxiety, first focus your efforts and resources on your emotional well-being. When you recover, when you have the strength for everything that motherhood implies, it will be much easier to get pregnant.

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