The close relationship between tobacco and anxiety

The relationship between tobacco and anxiety is one of those whose interaction is not very well known. Quitting smoking is as complicated as overcoming anxiety. And smoking is presented as both a cause and a consequence of anxiety. If we turn this relationship around one more time, we see how we get entangled in a spiral in which we cannot quit smoking because it generates anxiety and where it is anxiety itself that makes us smoke more.

Quit smoking without nerves

There is an incessant bombardment with quitting smoking. Smoking shortens life, smoking kills; smoking is very harmful to health. And that is something obvious, as obvious as that quitting smoking is a more than complicated adventure. And those who have ever tried it and those who are trying it once more know that it is presented as an impossible mission.

Quitting smoking is not impossible, nor is it impossible to learn to manage anxiety, but we like to be realistic. And we cannot ignore the added difficulty of anxiety when we try to quit smoking. That is why the question that many people ask is: should you quit smoking in the middle of an anxiety treatment?

The question is more than pertinent since we all know that quitting smoking generates nervousness and anxiety. The answer offers a double vision of the problem. We can wait to overcome anxiety to try to quit smoking. But we can also take advantage of the treatment for anxiety to calm the nerves of tobacco withdrawal.

Overcome Anxiety, Overcome Smoking

We continue with more doses of reality, even if they do not follow medical precepts. That image in which a smoker, when suffering from an anxiety disorder, considerably increases the number of cigarettes per day is very real. With this we do not mean that tobacco calms the nerves, because it is not true, but we do resort to them with the hope of calming them down.

We can take advantage of some of the anxiety treatments to quit tobacco at the same time. Hypnosis, for example, is revealed as an effective method to quit smoking and also to overcome emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression. In any case, quitting smoking goes through a great emotional fortress that can cope with the withdrawal syndrome.

And although there are still no conclusive studies on its safety, we would like to consider the famous electronic cigarette or vale as one more alternative to quit smoking, especially recommended for those people who are very nervous not having a cigarette in their hand.  Because this way, they could focus on overcoming anxiety without the added problem of having to quit smoking.

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