Anxiety of the couple: that the nerves do not end the love

When one member of the couple suffers from an anxiety disorder, the relationship can take two totally different directions: either the anxiety can destabilize the couple to the point of separation; or the anxiety problem can strengthen and consolidate the couple thanks to the support provided in difficult times. And it is that an anxiety disorder in the couple is not easy to carry.

When your partner has anxiety?

Coexistence can be affected when your partner suffers from an anxiety disorder. A person with anxiety tends to become controlling, overwhelming, super protective and also very irritable as a result of those fears, those insecurities and that constant worry that anxiety produces. In this situation, it is evident that it is not easy to live with a person for whom everything is a cause for concern or a danger.

Nor is it easy to live with a person who suffers from social anxiety and is unable to attend events, to join the celebrations of family and friends or who does not even dare to take a trip together. What to say about a person suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder who needs to do each activity in a strict order or someone with generalized anxiety who perceives daily life as endless threatening opportunities.

If your partner has anxiety, you will have to reflect: are you going to allow the anxiety disorder to destroy you as a couple or are you going to use it as a reinforcement of your love? Because everything depends on the trust you have in your relationship. If your decision is to fight together with your partner to overcome their anxiety problem together, you will have to take into account a series of basic tips.

Tips to help your partner overcome anxiety

– Learn about everything related to anxiety disorders.

– Convince your partner to go to the doctor as soon as possible.

– Decide together and with the help of the specialist the most appropriate treatment for your partner.

– Get involved in the treatment of anxiety, going with your partner to psychological therapy or following the guidelines that the psychologist gives you.

– Reinforce the treatment by keeping your home calm, with a relaxed atmosphere and fleeing from discussions.

– Show your support to your partner. Although the anxiety disorder is her de Ella problem, you will be by her side de Ella to help her.

– Do not pressure your partner to face things for which they are not prepared. But if you want to take a step, take it together.

– During anxiety attacks do not try to rationalize the problem. Stay calm; restore security to your partner based on affection and understanding and a few hours later it will be when you can talk to her about what has happened.

– Do not despair if your partner overcomes anxiety as fast as you would like. Try to understand their irrational fears and worries.

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