Awkward moments that generate anxiety

In your day to day you experience situations that generate discomfort and come to produce anxiety and stress. In those moments you want to scream Earth swallow me! Run away and disappear from the map.

These are some uncomfortable situations that you have surely experienced at some time in your life.

– When you’re cutting your hair and the hairdresser has decided to tell you about the life of the daughter of her fifth-floor neighbor’s friend.

– When you are the first to arrive at a restaurant and you have to wait too long for the rest of the people.

– When you greet someone and you don’t know whether to hit or shake hands.

– When you enter a party alone and look among the guests but you realize that there is no one you can talk to.

– When you say goodbye to someone and without realizing it you are going in the same direction.

– When you’re alone with a friend of a friend you don’t really know.

– When you realize you’re walking next to someone you know.

– When you realize you’re walking to the wrong side of the street.

– When you tell a story and it’s actually not as funny as you thought.

– When you forget someone’s name while introducing them.

– When you meet an acquaintance on your way to work.

– When you greet someone you don’t know.


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