Blackout Anxiety: Watch for Anxiety Symptoms

Suddenly you notice how the world, the objects around you put a certain distance between you and them. How is it possible? It seems as if you are moving away from the world, everything is spinning and you fear losing control, but also losing consciousness, because that dizziness is going to cause you to collapse at any moment. That feeling of fainting is a symptom of anxiety that we must watch out for.

Passing out from anxiety

If the feeling of dizziness and the fear of fainting is a very frequent symptom of anxiety, fainting as such is not so much. The truth is that if you are weak, it will surely not be as a result of anxiety, but of any other problem such as food. Many people lose their appetite  with anxiety disorders and that can cause nerves, anguish and the fear of losing consciousness at a specific moment to cause them to faint.

Fainting can also occur as a result of an anxiety attack , due to the hyperventilation that occurs. The organism, seeing itself deprived of the oxygen it needs, can become paralyzed and that is when the feeling of dizziness goes directly to fainting. But we insist that fainting is not a frequent symptom of anxiety.

The same thing happens with fainting as with other anxiety fears. It is more the fear of failing than the failing itself, in the same way that sometimes you think you are going to lose your sanity and as soon as the anxiety crisis passes, you see that it has not been like that. Or like that feeling of panic because you’re so sure you’re going to die, and yet, after a few minutes, you realize that you’ve overcome that moment of panic once again.

Watch out for anxiety fainting

Therefore, if you suffer frequent blackouts due to anxiety, it is better that you go to your doctor, because it could be some other problem. The only thing that is in your power is to try to relieve that feeling of fainting that will disappear on its own in a few minutes and that will disappear forever as soon as you have learned to manage anxiety.

Over time, you must learn to rationalize your anxiety symptoms that fear of losing your mind getting dizzy or fainting is just a misperception caused by anxiety. You’re not going to faint, nor are you going to go crazy. So as soon as you notice the first signs of dizziness or fainting, stop what you’re doing and focus on breathing.

Mindful breathing exercises will not only help you regain a bit of calm, feel less nervous and overwhelmed, but also restore the oxygen you lacked due to hyperventilation. If you feel dizzy, take a deep breath and you will see how you do not faint.

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