Anxiety is an emotional response that has a very important function related to survival, along with fear, anger, sadness or happiness.

It is estimated that 20% of the world population suffers from some anxiety it, such as people who fly frequently.

Here we show you the anxiety problems suffered by these types of people.

– If you get in the corridor you will have to suffer all kinds of blows.

– When a baby starts crying on the plane.

– When your plane mate tries to talk to you and you just want to listen to music.

– If you are sitting next to the window, the person in the middle will also want to see the views outside.

– You know that your suitcases will be the last to leave.

– When someone brings food to the plane and leaves all the smell.

– If you are at the back door of the plane, you will have to put up with people who go to the bathroom.

– The person in front will always knock down their seat.

– There will be that person who thinks that the two armrests are theirs.

– The best thing you can hope for from the flight is that it leaves on time.

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