Simple relaxation techniques to combat anxiety

Stress, rush, worries and responsibilities are the causes of our anxiety. Always nervous, always worried, we know perfectly well that we need to relax but it is anxiety that prevents that tranquility.

As soon as we hear about relaxation techniques, we think that it is impossible for us, that we will not be able to disconnect and spend a few minutes to be calmer. But we must get used to the idea: spending a few minutes relaxing will save us many hours of nerves.

The best muscle relaxation techniques

One of the main manifestations of anxiety is muscle tension. Fear, worry and that makes our muscles tense, rigid. That is why it is important to start relaxation exercises with muscle relaxation; it will be later when we deal with mental relaxation.

There are several, but the simplest is that in which you lie down with comfortable clothes and barefoot in an environment with dim light and calming aromas in the air. Then you start to notice certain parts of your body, for example, the leg. You leave that leg loose, noticing the heat it gives off and how it loosens little by little, until you feel it totally relaxed.

This exercise must be done with all parts of the body, with the legs, with the abdomen, with the arms, with the shoulders, etc. At first it will cost you a bit, but once you get the technique, you will only need a few minutes to achieve well-being and feel calm in a simple way in your own home.

The importance of mental relaxation

Once you have mastered muscle relaxation, you can move on to relax your mind, something that is essential to keep anxiety at bay and make fear, insecurity and worries disappear. Mental relaxation requires exercises that are often related to meditation.

The first step is to lie down, as in the case of muscle, and close your eyes. Then visualize something nice, like a sunset at sea or just a clear blue sky. It may take you a while to retain that mental image, but bring it back as many times as it takes.

With that pleasant image in your mind and, taking, discard all other thoughts to focus solely on that image, on the sensations it transmits to you, on the smells, on the sounds, on the colors, on the calm. It is about leaving your mind free of negative thoughts and filling it with the tranquility you need.

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