How to Manage ‘First Time’ Anxiety: 10 Difficult Situations

Anxiety is a defense mechanism of our body that is activated in the face of danger, but also in the face of an unforeseen event or a new experience. The goal of anxiety is to prepare us to be able to react to that situation, but unfortunately, sometimes that anxiety exceeds its limits and what it does is paralyze us. Get ready to control the nerves of the first time.

First time anxiety

1 Sees it. The first time you have a boyfriend, the first sexual relationship, the first time you fall in love or even the first kiss are situations subject to great anxiety. So that your nerves do not paralyze you, you must take it as something natural that you will live many more times.

2 Independence. you have finally managed to become independent and you are going to live alone. The illusion is great, as much as the anxiety that doubts produce in you. Will you feel alone? Will you know how to organize yourself? Don’t worry. Independence is something that is learned over time.

In-laws. you’ve fallen in love, you’re super happy, you adore your boy but… the time has come to meet his parents De ell from him. Nerves are the product of fear of making a bad impression or not having his approval of him, but they will disappear if you show yourself sure of yourself and confident in your relationship.

4 Job. the workplace is usually an inexhaustible source of nerves and anxiety. A job interview is always “that job interview”, in which you want to give the best of yourself but where anxiety can play a trick on you. The same thing happens with your first day of work. The best prevention method for not blocking yourself is to let your illusion prevail over your fears.

5 Studies. The entrance exam, your first day at the university, the driving test or the English test end up being stressful situations in which you always feel like the first time.  Taking a natural tranquilizer the days before is the only remedy that can be effective.

6 Surgery. we do not want to be ominous but, sooner or later, you will have to undergo your first surgical operation. Anxiety is inevitable in these cases, as well as fear. As it is a medical intervention, medication to calm the nerves is practically unavoidable.

7 Gynecologist. Speaking of health, you always remember that first time you go to the gynecologist. There is no remedy to avoid the anxiety that this first time produces, but you can be sure that in time you will go to the appointment with the gynecologist with complete peace of mind.

8 Plan. the first time you travel by plane usually causes some anxiety. The fragility of human beings becomes clear the first time you consider that such a device can fly without catastrophic consequences. Ruling out some type of phobia , it is an anxiety that must be suffered that first time inevitably but that will completely disappear on the return trip.

9 Maternity. it’s the worst time to experience anxiety, but it’s also almost inevitable. Your first pregnancy, your first birth, your first baby or even not so far, your first pregnancy test, are crucial moments that can completely transform your life.

10 Wedding. although nowadays a wedding is not necessarily a unique moment, it is always special and you will always feel like the first time. Nerves can play a trick on you on that special day when you expect to appear radiant and excited, but also confident.

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