Can I take anxiolytics if I am pregnant?

Disorders such as anxiety or depression do not wait to appear at the right time, so it is very common for you to find yourself waging an emotional battle with the help of drugs and psychological therapy and suddenly discover that you are pregnant. To do? Do you have to stop taking the medication suddenly? Can you take anxiolytics if you are pregnant? We answer your questions and clear up your doubts.

Take anxiolytics in pregnancy, yes or no?

There are two different situations in the relationship between anxiolytics and pregnancy. The situation that presents the most doubts is the most common. You are overcoming an anxiety disorder or maybe a depression problem and you get pregnant. Surely, your doctor has prescribed both antidepressants and anxiolytics for a while and of course, it is normal that now that you are pregnant you are afraid of harming your baby.

If you have been prescribed anxiolytics or other drugs to treat anxiety and depression, keep in mind that you will continue to need them during pregnancy. Emotional disorders do not disappear when you get pregnant, but may even worsen due to the strong hormonal changes you experience during this period. If you needed anxiolytics before, you will surely need them much more now.

But it is true that there are anxiolytics and antidepressants with more risk than others when it comes to affecting the development of the baby. We are not doctors here, so follow the instructions of the professionals who care for you to the letter. Most likely they will have to change the type of drug or perhaps reduce the dose but, as we say, listen to your doctor.

A different case is if you get pregnant and the pregnancy is causing you many anxiety problems. Yes, this is also common because not all women experience a dream pregnancy.  In this case, it is easier for your doctor to decide which anxiolytic is best for you and for how long.

Risks (for mother and baby) of anxiolytics in pregnancy

We are not going to fool ourselves. Any medication, even a simple aspirin, causes us to feel guilty and very afraid when we are pregnant. So with anxiolytics and antidepressants the doubts increase. And it is true that they have risks, even if you are not pregnant, so we are very careful in this aspect.

Some medicines can abort a pregnancy, others can affect the development of the fetus, and still others can cause developmental problems in the baby once it is born. These risks will exist whether you take the medication or stop suddenly when you find out you are pregnant. Never make a drug-related decision without consulting your doctor.

It’s more. In order for both the pregnancy and your anxiety problem to follow the most appropriate and healthy path, your family doctor will not be enough. We want everything to go well, we want to reduce the risks and that both you and your baby are in the best conditions, so comprehensive work is needed.

Family doctor, gynecologist and psychologist or psychiatrist should work together and coordinate during your pregnancy to make all those decisions regarding the risks of anxiolytics. But remember one very important thing: drugs reduce the symptoms of emotional disorders, and you may need them during pregnancy as well.

However, medication does not lead you to overcome your anxiety or depression. Therefore, it is essential that you go to a psychologist to work on your emotional discomfort. It is the best option, your baby will be safer and you will be able to welcome him to your family with all the guarantees.

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