Anxiety at Christmas: do not invite nerves to your Christmas meal

Even the most sedate people run the risk of losing their nerves during Christmas. The typical Christmas meal can shatter the emotional balance of many people who have to experience difficult, tense or, in the best of cases, surreal family situations. Although the family is not the only reason why an anxiety disorder can worsen on a day like Christmas.  The environment loaded with hypocrisy during the previous days, social commitments or the absence of loved ones is also causes of anxiety and depression on these dates. Let’s avoid leaving our nerves locked up and enjoy Christmas day.

Why we get nervous at Christmas?

Christmas day is a day to splurge peace, tranquility, love, affection, joy and generosity. A kind of international day for good vibes that is proposed to us from all areas but that has little to do with what happens in reality. And it is that Christmas day is usually watered, not only with alcohol, but also with tension and nerves.

Family reunions are one of the reasons that generate the most anxiety. It is very common for families to take advantage of the Christmas meal to get together, but also to throw reproaches, remember mistakes or try to settle pending accounts. In addition, there is always something absent from the Christmas table that makes it more difficult to digest the food.

Christmas Day is also a day for giving gifts. The impossibility of hitting everyone or meeting expectations usually causes a feeling of frustration that easily ends up bringing out all the anxiety. In addition, social commitments, with friends, with work, etc. they make us reach Christmas day with our emotional balance hanging by a thread.

Avoid anxiety on Christmas day

But this year we are going to ensure that anxiety is not just another guest at the Christmas meal. Not only for us, because we need to be calm and save strength, but for others. All those family discussions about who cooks, at whose house, the meeting time or what the menu will have to be resolved long before the holidays start to avoid misunderstandings and rushing.

We must also do a reflection exercise on our own attitude at parties. Sure, Christmas is conducive to getting on our nerves, but maybe we don’t try too hard to have a positive attitude either. If the Christmas spirit does not appear anywhere, we can create it ourselves. After all, the people around us always deserve our support.

The maximum this Christmas to avoid anxiety is to smile. And we are not talking about an exercise in hypocrisy, but about generating good energy around us. It is not hypocritical to want to celebrate Christmas Day with a good atmosphere, but to celebrate it when we really do not want to.

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