Decalogue for a year 2015 without anxiety

We do not want to live again with that anxiety that we have suffered in other times of our lives. It is always a good day to start a new life free of anxiety, anguish and nerves. That is why we have prepared some tips to keep anxiety as far away as possible. Follow our  anti-anxiety recipe and take it easy.

Tips to live without anxiety

1 Fears. one of the main reasons for anxiety is fear. The fear of what will happen, the fear that we will not be able, the fear of the unknown. Let yourself be surprised by life without fear because your inner strength is bigger than you think.

2 Control. sometimes you want to have everything under control and you don’t realize that it is convenient to relativize. The nervousness caused by not being able to handle all the responsibilities, wanting to cover everything and not being able to do it, is a safe passage for an anxiety disorder.

3 Relaxation. to keep anxiety away you must learn to relax. Meditation, yoga or natural therapies to enhance your well-being will help you feel calmer and more secure.

4 Reality. when anxiety settles in your life, it seems to you that you are moving in a hostile environment. It is not a real sensation, but a vision distorted by anxiety. Take a distance from your life, take a trip to observe your life from the outside and you will see that not everything is as bad as it seems.

5 Thoughts. Positive thinking is capable of changing your mood. If you learn to think positively, optimism will appear to face the pessimism that leads you to that spiral of anguish and anxiety from which you cannot get out.

6 Concerns. you don’t have to put your mind blank to forget about all your worries. It is enough to mentally visualize positive images of the beach, a sunset, the forest… choose your mental postcard to see it when worries block you.

7 Future. the future is very scary when you live with anxiety. It’s called anticipatory anxiety and it comes from insecurity. Think that it is at this precise moment when you can start drawing your future yourself, so paint calm tomorrow.

8 New technologies. By now you surely know all the advantages of new technologies.  What you may not know is that both social networks and some mobile applications can increase your anxiety. So limit the time you spend on the computer or on the mobile phone.

9 Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is not the only natural therapy to combat anxiety, but it is the one that attracts us the most because it can fill the house with the most relaxing scents. Well-being in its purest form goes through aromatherapy.

10 Treatment. It is all very well to turn to nature to calm you down, but do not rule out getting medical treatment if you find that you cannot overcome anxiety on your own. Ask for help, because if you can’t see yourself with chronic anxiety from which it will be very difficult to escape.

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