Phrases that (under no circumstances) should you say to someone with anxiety

It is really difficult to help a person who is suffering from anxiety and many times we only make their situation worse when they listen to some advice or recommendations. We do it with the best intention, yes, but we don’t get it right. If you want to help a loved one overcome her anxiety, you can start by banishing from your conversations some phrases that stick like a dagger. These are the phrases that you should NOT say to someone with anxiety under any circumstances.

12 Phrases forbidden for a person with anxiety

The view of the world has completely changed for. The first thing to understand is that it is not governed by the same schemes, but by distorted, negative and fear-laden schemes due to the disease. So if you want to help, let’s start with the phrases that you should not say to someone with anxiety.

1 Just relax

Either calm down, or take it easy, or don’t be nervous. Remember that if he could he would calm down. If he could, he would calm down, but he cannot do it and that is why he is having a crying crisis, anguish or on the verge of an anxiety. Don’t tell him what he can’t do because you’ll be reinforcing his inability from him.

2 Get over

Sometimes the anxiety disorder is triggered by a specific situation, by, by being fired at work or by an unpleasant event. She may have gotten over it, but not her de Ella anxiety de Ella, so don’t push her because her anxiety de Ella is most likely no longer related to what happened to her.

3 Don’t dramatize

Either relativizes, or you are a tremendousist. Phrases of this type are like direct stabs to the heart of the person with anxiety and the last thing they need is for a loved one to say them. Life with anxiety looks different, the negative becomes more intense and it is impossible to relativize. It really is impossible, so don’t insist there, give it time.

4 You don’t have such serious problems

This phrase usually goes hand in hand with the reminder that there are people in a worse situation. That you haven’t lost anyone that anyone has died, that a truck hasn’t run over you. The person who has anxiety already knows that. Let’s stop looking for a specific cause for anxiety, a tremendous problem that breaks with that person’s mental health because anxiety disorders have varied causes and cannot always be identified with the naked eye.

5 You have to go out more

This is the great phrase, the and that does nothing but sink them a little deeper into their problem. Yes, you have to go out, but the person with anxiety already knows that, what happens is that they CANNOT. If you insist on this point, you will be helping her to value herself even less. But if you want an alternative to this phrase you can always say: do you want to go for a walk, wherever you want, where you feel safer?

6 But why are you like this?

We know that anxiety is incomprehensible to those who have not experienced it. Even people with anxiety have trouble understanding their problem. Well, not understanding what is happening is no excuse for not empathizing and putting yourself in their place. You don’t understand it, but the reality is that it’s like that, it’s wrong and you’re not going to get anything by putting a point of impatience into the situation.

7 It’s not that bad

It’s not that bad because you don’t have any serious problems. Or it’s not such a big deal because I’m also nervous sometimes and I don’t cause those dramas. An anxiety disorder is for so much and for more, so try to eliminate value judgments about the degree of importance of your problem.

8 You just want attention

This phrase is not said to a person you really love, but it is one of the most heard in disorders such as anxiety and depression. The sick person does not want to attract attention; in fact being in the spotlight of family and friends makes them feel worse.

9 You have to be stronger

It is tempting to think that due to anxiety is a weak person. It is not like this. He is as strong as anyone else, only he is going through a disease, so be patient and don’t judge his strength from him. What if he is suffering from this anxiety disorder because he is facing things that other people do not dare to face?

10 You have to do your part

You’re already doing your part; it’s just that overwhelming anxiety doesn’t happen overnight. Even if you think that she is not doing anything to recover, that person fights her battles against anxiety disorder every day, that is why she is so tired, that is why she is so exhausted.

11 You are very negative

It may be true, because anxiety appears accompanied by recurring thoughts, toxic and obsessive ideas and if it brings depression with it, everything is darker or negative. It may be true, but reminding her is not going to help her.

12 you are like this because you want

We leave for the last one of the most devastating phrases for a person with anxiety. The feeling of guilt and the feeling that you are not doing enough to get ahead is already there with that person, so you don’t need to load them with more weight. Nobody chooses to have an anxiety disorder; nobody wants to have an anxiety disorder

How can you really help someone with anxiety?

If you forget these phrases, maybe you are wondering what. More than saying or doing what you have to be, it is the best way to help. Be present, listen, accompany and, above all, do not judge the person with anxiety.

Do you want to say something? You can say things like “I’m with you”, “what do you need?”, “how can I help you?” or “you can count on me”. What is most appreciated knows that there is a person by your side who will not leave you alone in this situation, who will understand it better or worse, but who will give the anxiety disorder the importance it really has, which is a lot. Because it can destroy a person’s life.

And since we are not going to take that risk, the best way to help a person with anxiety is to, to seek psychological help because drugs alone will not overcome it. Do not blame, do not press, do not get impatient, that is already done by the person with anxiety.

And you can still do more. If you manage to listen to her de Ella carefully you will be able to see the small achievements and advances she makes every day. They may seem insignificant to others or go unnoticed, but to that person they are important. Remind him of what he has achieved that particular day and also remind him of all those virtues and strengths that he has because his anxiety from her does not let him see them. You can be the positive look that he needs, towards the world and towards himself.

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