Anxiety is an alert mechanism that we need to be more active, to face inconveniences and to protect ourselves. Anxiety is an ally that becomes an enemy when its levels skyrocket, but we are talking about something very relative. Pathological anxiety gives rise to anxiety disorders, but it’s not always easy to know when to stop that anxiety. Do you know when the time has come to treat anxiety?

Time to treat anxiety

Anxiety problems should be treated under medical supervision, but we are the ones who must decide when to go to the doctor. The question that arises is if we have anxiety or have an anxiety problem. When does anxiety become a pathology that we must treat? The appropriate response is as soon as possible, but we continue to move in the realm of the relative.

It is time to treat anxiety when fear overcomes you, when you find yourself with a Panic attack continually haunts your head, when you begin to avoid everyday situations so as not to worry. It is also a good time to go to the doctor when your nerves do not let you sleep and you have been suffering from insomnia for weeks.

If worry, pessimism, insecurity, fear and nerves are beginning to affect your partner, if your children are paying for your irrational fears or if you have reduced your productivity at work because you are unable to concentrate, you are in the moment just to seek treatment for anxiety.

Find the best treatment for anxiety

Keep in mind that emotional disorders move in the field of the subjective. You cannot count how much anxiety you have or how much depression you are suffering from, but that does not prevent its consequences from being felt in your quality of life. The sooner you go to the doctor, the sooner you will find the most appropriate treatment for anxiety. And in these cases, it is preferable to go and find a false alarm than to let it go and face a chronic anxiety disorder.

If we notice this, it is because it usually happens that the initial treatment for anxiety is not the most appropriate or the definitive one, so you will have to try various techniques and therapies. From natural remedies to self-help books , going through the inevitable psychological therapy that teaches you to manage anxiety. The road to overcome anxiety is long and therefore, the sooner you start it, the sooner you will reach the end.

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