False myths about anxiety: do not be fooled

Anxiety is a mental disorder that is surrounded by an infinity of myths and. Many of them are not true and that is why we cannot believe everything that comes to our ears. The first myth that we must end is the one that says that anxiety is not real. Yes it is, anxiety disorder is a certain medical condition, and it can manifest in many different ways and should always be treated.

Myths about anxiety

Anxiety is similar to depression, not in degree of importance, since they are at different levels, but both are difficult to understand and must always be treated. No one chooses to have either disorder, they just happen for no fully explicit reason. The first big false myth about it is that it is not something that the person who suffers from it can control.  It is not true that by avoiding certain actions that create stress we are going to be able to end anxiety; we will only get this to appear on a greater number of occasions. These panic attacks suffered by people with anxiety are terrible, since they are moments in which the person is not able to control their own state of it. The Symptoms that are suffered are usually terrifying, from strong palpitations to difficulty breathing, but they are symptoms for which our body is prepared and for this reason they never cause death. The logical thing is that after suffering an anxiety attack you go to the doctor, so that a professional can tell you the truth about the matter.

Another of the myths that are totally false is that anxiety cannot be treated. Yes, it is treatable and there are also countless treatments that can help the person who suffers from it. They exist from pharmacological drugs to cognitive therapies that always do the patient good. Alternative therapies for cases of anxiety or stress are very effective.

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