Anxiety levels: know your level of anxiety

We tend to take anxiety as a present evil in our lives, when in reality it is a necessary mechanism. When we talk about anxiety, we mean pathological anxiety, the emotional disorder that interferes with our happiness. But it is that anxiety has several levels, ranging from a state of calm to emotional disorder.

Calm state

You live happy, calm and relaxed. You have the necessary emotional tools to deal with any problem and you don’t let anything disturb your peace. You are aware of the importance of living calmly and you know how to avoid excessive worry and stress.

Mild anxiety

Sometimes you get nervous. You end the day under pressure and with a lot of things to solve. You stay alert for what might happen, but you manage to rest in your sleep and in the morning you get up with all the energy to face the day. And it is that a little anxiety keeps you active and willing.

Moderate anxiety

There are worse days. You have moments when you can’t anymore. You feel nervous, overwhelmed, but also without much desire to move on. Pessimism has made an appearance and you worry about everything . In addition, you begin to notice that the rhythm of your heart is irregular, especially in moments of greatest concern.

Severe anxiety

Worry has given way to anguish . You are afraid, you doubt and the only thing you are sure of is that you will not be able to. So you paralyze any initiative, any decision, you cannot concentrate on anything, because your thoughts are immersed in a dance of disasters. Physical symptoms become evident in the form of muscle tension, headache, nervousness, agitation, rapid heartbeat, or stomach upset.

Anxiety crisis

It’s over. Life overwhelms you to such an extent that your head is going to explode. You lose control of your thoughts, but also of your body. Legs and arms fall asleep and you find yourself in a situation of unreality. You are afraid of going crazy or, worse still, you are afraid of dying, because your body will not be able to withstand that stress.

Anxiety disorder

Your anxiety has gone from acting as a specific defense mechanism to be installed in your life permanently. Your organism perceives a continuous danger and that is why it remains alert all the time. By now anxiety has distorted reality and you are unable to think clearly.  It is a chronic anxiety problem that you are going to have to treat if you do not want to live in permanent agony. Do not wait any longer and look for the most appropriate treatment  to get rid of anxiety.

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