How to live with a person with anxiety

One of the main consequences of suffering from an anxiety disorder is difficult coexistence. Nerves, constant worry, fear, pessimism and irritability are not the best roommates, so living with a person who suffers from anxiety can become a problem added to the emotional disorder. We have some recommendations to facilitate living with a person with anxiety.

The difficult life with an anxious person

There are many reasons why living with an anxious person can become hell, but the main one is that distortion of reality that causes emotional disorder. When a person has anxiety it is because they perceive a danger and, if that feeling of danger is continuous and does not disappear, life becomes a source of constant worries and fears.

A person who suffers from anxiety is usually controlling, because they do not deal well with the unforeseen, since everything is a cause for alarm. She can also be obsessive about what she considers to be the needs and obligations to survive danger. And her dissatisfaction with life, her inability to enjoy the moment because she is on permanent alert can make life miserable for those around her.

An anxious person also suffers from frequent health problems, such as headaches, fatigue, or muscle problems. Added to her tendency to perceive any movement as hostile, they can make her irritable and in a bad mood. How can you live with a person with anxiety?  How can you help a person with anxiety ?

How to live with an anxious person?

We may not want to hear that the main advice for living with a person with anxiety is to be patient, but it is reality. Patience is imposed as an essential element to endure, understand and accept the emotional outbursts that cause anxiety disorders. But in addition to patience, it takes a good dose of tolerance.

Patience and tolerance are followed by empathy in order to make living with a person suffering from anxiety easier. But above all it takes understanding. If we fail to understand what is happening to the person with anxiety, coexistence will become impossible. That is why it is essential to know in depth the emotional disorder as well as to get involved in the treatment.

And if there is something that a person with anxiety should not lack, it is affection. Screams, reproaches and complaints are unnecessary in living with an anxious person, who will need to breathe a calm and calm atmosphere and live in the midst of a friendly, affectionate and understanding tone of voice.

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