At this point few are those who continue to believe that Christmas is to be enjoyed in an atmosphere of peace and love and many who face the arrival of these holidays with fear of suffering from anxiety problems. Fear, insecurity and nerves on the surface make us maintain a defensive attitude with Christmas.

But we can get rid of anxiety, also at Christmas. Even that night, Christmas Eve that marks the starting signal for family reunions, tensions, misunderstandings, stress, shopping and various stresses, we can spend it in peace. We just have to keep in mind some tips for Christmas Eve.

Tips to get rid of anxiety on Christmas Eve

– Change the chip. This Christmas Eve is going to be special and you are not going to live it with stress, or nerves, or sadness. You are going to enjoy Christmas because you are going to anticipate it.

– Decide ahead of time issues such as where to spend Christmas Eve, the menu, attendees and gifts. This way you will avoid the nerves due to the last minute rush.

– Negotiate with your partner how you are going to distribute visits to the family at parties.

– Avoid excess alcohol at Christmas Eve dinner to keep calm.

-Smile and don’t get into family discussions. As much as some comments hurt you, it is better to let them pass, there will be more opportune moments to clarify things.

– Don’t be overwhelmed by gifts. If you have money problems, use your imagination and creativity to make a personalized gift.

– If you have to organize dinner and you are overwhelmed by a lack of money and time, do not hesitate to ask for help. All guests must collaborate in one way or another.

– If you are going to spend Christmas Eve in a house that is not yours, keep that in mind when contributing to dinner.

– Maintain the illusion during Christmas Eve for the children of the family, do not show yourself bitter and hide your sadness to preserve childhood innocence.

– Refuse social commitments whenever possible. This way you will arrive on Christmas Eve in top shape to exude Christmas spirit.

– Remember those who are no longer healthy, without being overwhelmed by nostalgia.  You can keep them present without sadness by telling funny anecdotes.

-If during dinner the tension grows and you feel that you will not be able to control your nerves, go out for a moment and take a deep breath. Come back thinking that you will overcome this situation.

– If the Christmas spirit isn’t your thing and you’ve already tried every way, it might not be such a bad idea to disappear. Your family will have to understand that your health is the most important thing and that these holidays increase your anxiety.

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