Music for anxiety: discover the benefits of music therapy

They say that it was Pythagoras who proclaimed the advantages of music to alleviate fear, worries, anguish and nervousness. All these symptoms we hear all the time related to anxiety disorders, so we have discovered a not so new alternative therapy for anxiety: music. Discover the benefits of music therapy.

Listening to music for anxiety

“Music tames beasts” is a popular saying that contains a great truth. Music calms, tempers, relax calms. From this point of view, there are many benefits of listening to music to combat anxiety. If you are thinking of those Zen music melodies, very appropriate for meditation but very inappropriate for you who are on the verge of a nervous breakdown, forget it. Because there are no limits for you to listen to the music you like the most.

And it is that to notice the benefits of music on your emotional balance you do not need to listen to classical music either, if it is not precisely what motivates you. When we talk about listening to music for anxiety, we are not necessarily talking about calm music, but about that music that fills you up, that reaches you deep down; of that music that you really like.

The purpose of listening to music to calm anxiety is that, little by little, the melodies will transform your mood, your negativity will begin to soften and you may even manage to appear totally optimistic. That is the power of music, to transform emotions by bringing out your most positive part.

Play music for anxiety

But music therapy doesn’t just mean listening to music to feel better, you can do it too.  Playing an instrument is one of the best techniques to reduce stress, anxiety and also overcome depression. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have musical skills, because if you let them teach you to play an instrument, in a few weeks you will notice how you start to relax practicing with the songs.

In addition, learning to play a musical instrument considerably improves self-esteem, especially if you have never been especially skilled with the musical arts. An injection of self-confidence, self-confidence and the knowledge that you are capable of so many things is what you need to drive away anguish and worries. Your anxiety level will be reduced  because music will make you live more confident in your possibilities.

In addition, the concentration you need when playing a musical instrument will make you forget about all the worries that make you so nervous. If you can disconnect from your stress when you are playing, surely you will learn to do it in other situations as well. And it is that with music you will learn to relax.

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