Reiki therapy for anxiety: how to heal nerves through hands

We are willing to use any resource or therapy that helps us combat emotional disorders such as anxiety or depression. On this occasion, we have focused on Reiki, an oriental therapy that uses the healing power of the hands, to restore the flow of energy and recover emotional balance.

Although the working basis of Reiki is the laying on of hands, something that sounds almost like shamanism, the World Health Organization itself has endorsed this technique as a complementary therapy to treat many diseases, including anxiety. Find out how Reiki can help you combat anxiety.

Reiki to combat anxiety

The different alternative therapies from the East convinced us long ago that any disease comes from a mismatch between the body and the mind caused by the interruption of the flow of natural energy. Therapies such as Fang Shun or Reiki are aimed at making that energy recover its path and, therefore, thus recovering health.

In the case of anxiety, there are many energy points to treat to alleviate the different symptoms, to calm the nerves, avoid insomnia or stop worrying about everything. In addition, Reiki helps to improve self-esteem, to gain security and self-confidence, and to find a point of optimism regarding the future. And those are going to be our tools to learn how to manage anxiety.

Although Reiki therapy gives very good results in the short, medium and long term to combat both anxiety symptoms and the very cause of that anxiety, it should be used as a complement to other anxiety treatments. We already know that the most effective treatment for learning to manage anxiety is cognitive-behavioral therapy, so we can combine both resources.

How is a Reiki session to treat anxiety?

Reiki sessions last about 45 minutes and are accompanied by other therapies such as music therapy and aromatherapy. During that time, we will be lying on a stretcher, barefoot but without the need to undress, and the Reiki professional will place his hands on certain points on our body, called chakras. This is how energy begins to flow.

The results of Reiki to combat anxiety are observed from the first session, with feelings of well-being, peace and relaxation. For the therapy to be effective, it will take about four sessions in a couple of weeks, if the goal is to treat the anxiety symptoms that most affect us in daily life.

But the ideal treatment, which will not only alleviate the symptoms but will help us feel calmer by facing life in a more positive way and without fear, lasts about twelve sessions, going once a week. Once this basic treatment to combat anxiety is finished, we can continue to benefit from the effects of Reiki in sessions several times a year. In any case, as we always recommend, Reiki therapy must be performed by a professional.

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