Yoga to treat anxiety: find the balance

In our tireless search for all treatments, remedies or therapies against anxiety, we have found an ideal oriental practice to learn to manage anxiety and find the balance between body and mind. We have found Yoga that, although its name is already a regular in our conversations, it is still a much unknown technique.

At no time do we intend to replace conventional medical treatments for anxiety with any alternative therapy, no matter how new, very healthy, very traditional or very oriental it may be. But yoga is presented as a very interesting complement to reinforce any treatment against anxiety.

Yoga for anxiety

Most of the people know that Yoga is a very beneficial practice for different emotional disorders. Most of the people know that Yoga is a widely used resource for cases of anxiety, depression and stress. But the truth is that we do not know very well why it is indicated in this type of problem and how it can help us.

As with so many therapies, practices, medicines or philosophies that come from the East, we consider Yoga as an ally on our path to happiness, but without really knowing how it works. And it is that despite the fact that we can find Yoga courses in any social center in our city, we continue to give blind blows regarding these practices.

The benefits of Yoga in our fight against anxiety translate into fewer nerves, more calm, more control over negative automatic thoughts and less anguish. Also, thanks as we progress in your practice we will learn to identify our reactions to anxiety , both physical and emotional, in order to anticipate and avoid an anxiety crisis.

How to practice Yoga?

To all those people who do not even want to hear about spirituality, but simply want to get rid of anxiety without having to transform their mystical ideology, we can assure you that yoga does not require any affiliation to a specific belief. It is a technique suitable for anyone regardless of their ideas, their age, their physical condition or their needs.

Yoga basically works on three aspects that are postures, breathing and relaxation or meditation. Playing with these three elements, in a few sessions you begin to see how the state of generalized anxiety is reduced, finding moments of tranquility. A calm that arises from within but which gradually acquires physical evidence in less muscular tension and general well-being.

Many doubts arise when starting the practice of Yoga. Although it is a technique that can be done at home, it is advisable to start with a professional. In any case, for Yoga to be effective in combating anxiety, it is necessary to do it with an open mind, fully involving ourselves in learning.

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