10 truths about anxiety that everyone should know

A person with anxiety has to deal with many doubts. An air of incomprehension circulates about anxiety problems, on the part of others, but also on the part of the person who suffers from them. We clear up doubts and clarify the 10 truths about anxiety that everyone should know.

10 truths about anxiety

1 Anxiety does not go away on its own. “It will pass” is one of the most recurring phrases of people who are facing an anxiety problem for the first time. However, anxiety does not go away on its own, it requires medical and psychological treatment so that it does not end up destroying the emotional balance and health of the person who suffers from it.

2 Anxiety crisis. An anxiety crisis is not intuited until it is there. Anxiety attacks cannot be predicted or planned, but rather occur at any time, place and situation, generally notable for their inopportuneness.

3 Irrational thoughts. It is inevitable to distort reality when living with anxiety. Obsessing over something, living in the midst of insecurity and fear, and believing that everything is worse than it really is, is implicit in anxiety and must be treated with therapy.

4 Concerns. Worries flood the life of a person suffering from anxiety. Being overwhelmed by what is happening or what may happen, fearing the worst and wallowing in worrying thoughts is not a chosen attitude, but is imposed by anxiety.

Sometime anxieties. Anxiety is usually summarized and sometimes it takes a while to be identified as such because it remains hidden among headaches, gastrointestinal problems, muscle pain or even dizziness.

6 Panic attack. With panic attacks, anxiety shows its worst face. And it is that the terror provoked by the conviction of an imminent death is irremediable. A panic attack, like an anxiety attack, comes and goes, but little can be done to prevent it.

7 Just relax. Few things worse than “relax” can be said to a person suffering from anxiety. Because she already knows that she should calm down and she would like nothing more. If she doesn’t relax, it’s because she can’t, so the advice to relax is better replaced by a phrase that shows interest.

8 Together forever. Anxiety is not forever because it can be cured. Different is that the person with anxiety tries to ignore her problem thinking that it will disappear. It is then, when adequate treatment is not received, when anxiety becomes chronic.

9 Fear. this feeling is one of the most misunderstood among people who live closely with an anxiety problem. Phobias and irrational fears arise where there were none before and the question is why? Because the emotional balance has been broken.

10 Anxiety pills. Anxiety pills are a double-edged sword. The person with anxiety is torn between a reluctance to take drugs to treat an emotional problem and the desire to jump on that pill that will calm their nerves immediately.

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