The anxiety of returning to work after the holidays

During the summer and Christmas months there are two types of people, those who go on vacation and those who return from vacation. You will recognize them by their faces, because the vast majority of those who return do so with their batteries charged? No. With the anxiety loaded to the top by the nerves of going back to work. Discover the reasons for that anxiety when returning to work after the holidays.

The anxiety of returning to work

The holidays are over. Did you think they would last forever? Unfortunately we live in a society in which work is one of our main gifts, ranking in importance next to love and health. And yet, most people live thanks to personally and hardly financially. To make matters worse, the crisis has generated such instability that we go to work feeling the sword of Damocles every day.

The anxiety of returning to work after the holidays has several causes, among which pressure and dissatisfaction are. This anxiety presents this other types of anxiety such as sweating, palpitations, nervousness, and insomnia or muscle pain. And the truth is that this is not the best state to return to work.

But the main cause of anxiety after the holidays is the. The body does not even want to hear about getting up early again, staying long hours of work while the mind suffers the pressure, the demands and the excess of responsibility. Both, body and mind, join forces in a protest against going back to work.

How to avoid anxiety after the holidays?

But you have to go back. Experts say that going back to work should be faced with a positive attitude; they even give some tricks to reduce the anxiety that returning to our job causes us. Among the most popular tricks is not, because that way we will feel doubly nervous and bitter. The reality is that anxiety is not going to disappear no matter how much we start working on a Tuesday.

More expert advice is to take it back as a challenge, as a change of stage to improve our work. But that will depend a lot on the job one has. These experts base a positive attitude on getting used to the idea that going back to work is a pleasant moment of reunion and with our usual environment. Many know well that they would give anything not to return to their usual environment.

You have to understand that when experts give advice, they are also working. We know that these tips are not really effective because there will be nothing to prevent us from arriving on the first day of work with a knot in our stomach, without and with the feeling that we are entering a spiral of disappointment again. But we also know that the body gets used to everything, the good and the bad too. So in a few days, the anxiety will be gone.

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