Heat and summer as causes of anxiety

There are so many factors to which anxiety disorders are subject that we cannot cover them all. Contrary to what it might seem, summer is also a favorable time for the appearance of anxiety, especially those first days of sweltering heat. In these cases, anxiety occurs due to the alarm generated by the body in the face of heat.

The heat generates anxiety

Surely you have noticed. The first days of summer, when the heat is pressing, you cannot sleep well. You keep tossing and turning obsessing because you can’t sleep and you start to get more and more nervous. Anxiety makes its appearance hand in hand with insomnia and the result is a day in which you are totally irritable.

The Spanish Association of Private Psychiatry offers the reasons for this growing anxiety in summer. Our body has not yet adapted to the summer temperature. The heat surprises our body and it reacts to adjust to the new situation. Logically, the alarm mechanism in any situation is anxiety.

This anxiety that occurs with the first heat strokes responds to metabolic hyperactivity.  It is our body trying to accept such a temperature. For this reason, this type of anxiety is more frequent in the month of July than in August, when our body has already become accustomed to high temperatures.

What to do with summer anxiety?

Generally, this type of anxiety does not require treatment as it is an adjustment disorder that lasts a few days until the body gets used to it. In the event that there is a previous anxiety disorder, it is advisable to consult the doctor so as not to aggravate the problem, but in the rest of the cases the anxiety disappears on its own.

This heat anxiety may not let us sleep for a few days and that is what causes us to be upset during the day. But keep in mind that it is only a few days. Until our body adapts to the heat, we can opt for natural relaxants such as herbal teas or practice breathing exercises to calm our nerves.

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