10 anti-anxiety drinks: what to drink to calm your nerves

It seems more than evident that coffee is one of the worst drinks when it comes to anxiety problems. What is not so obvious is what are those drinks that can help us calm our nerves. Some infusions are especially indicated to treat anxiety, but there is more. Discover anti-anxiety drinks.

Infusions for anxiety

1 Linden. it is one of the most classic remedies in the treatment of anxiety. Also effective in cases of insomnia, lime blossom stands out for its sedative properties that also act against tachycardia that causes anxiety.

2 Balm. Lemon balm or lemon balm is one of the most effective natural tranquilizers.  Without side effects, the lemon balm infusion is the ideal drink to calm the nerves with the plus of a pleasant flavor.

3 Valerian. Perhaps it is the most widely used remedy against anxiety. Many people drink valerian tea during the day to relax, but the drawback of this plant is its unpleasant taste.  That is why the ideal is to use it in draggers.

4 Lettuce. few people know about the properties of lettuce to treat anxiety. And it is that lettuce is not only eaten, it can also be drunk as an infusion and it is the ideal remedy to combat anxiety when it is accompanied by insomnia .

5 Passionflower. it is one of the plants with the most effective sedative properties. More and more people prefer to take an infusion of passion flower instead of using drugs for anxiety, because its relaxing effects are quickly felt.

Other drinks for anxiety

1 Milk. the classic glass of milk that our grandmother recommended is still as effective in restoring calm as ever. If we also sweeten it with a little honey, its relaxing effects are multiplied.

2 Natural juices. People who suffer from anxiety see their usual drinks, such as coffee or soft drinks, limited during the day. A good alternative is to change your habits and drink natural juices that cannot make anxiety worse.

3 Smoothies. Fruit shakes to which milk or yogurt are added are another option to replace regular drinks in cases of anxiety. If the shakes are also natural and we make them ourselves, we will be benefiting from all the properties of the fruits.

4 Oatmeal. Oats act directly on the nervous system and are indicated in cases of stress and anxiety. The best way to consume it to obtain its relaxing effects is to cook two tablespoons of oatmeal in a liter of water for five minutes, strain it and we already have the best anti-anxiety drink ready for the whole day.

5 Toilet. with no consumption limit, water is the drink that we should sign up for in cases of anxiety. It does not have specific properties to calm the nerves, but drinking small sips of water throughout the day will help us recover the well-being lost due to anxiety.

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