Home remedies to combat anxiety

Many times we have at our fingertips the remedy for anxiety. Due to ignorance or because we just don’t believe that a simple gesture can put an end to so much nervousness, we don’t put into practice all those usual home tricks that are so effective in treating anxiety.

We do not claim that any home remedy will replace medical treatment for anxiety, but we can introduce certain habits into our lives that help us keep anxiety disorders at bay. And, of course, some of Grandma’s remedies are a hit. We teach you some home remedies for anxiety.

Remedies to combat anxiety at home

When we talk about remedies we must inevitably mention the classic infusions.  Phototherapy has been discovered as a very effective method without side effects to treat many ailments, including depression and anxiety. Oats, orange leaves and valerian are the best-known infusions to combat anxiety.

But it is useless to take a relaxing infusion if the environment does not provide you with peace of mind. That is why you should try to surround yourself with calm in your home.  A relaxed atmosphere that you can achieve by following the advice of Fang Shun, adopting the principles of chromo therapy to paint your house in the most appropriate colors or benefit from aromatherapy and scent your home with the relaxing lavender.

Do not forget about the effects of music on mood , because putting on relaxing background music can help you achieve the tranquility you need. And you can always help yourself with a rose-scented bath to drive away, even if only for a moment, that anxiety that is destroying your nerves.

Sign up for the quiet life

The “slow life” trend with its proposal to live slowly is having great success precisely because it is the best ally in your fight against anxiety. Nor is it necessary that you leave everything and go to live in the country, but spending a weekend in the country can be decisive in your relationship with anxiety.

Try to connect with nature, because the energy it transmits to you is totally relaxing.  They always recommend, to combat anxiety, walking barefoot across the grass or hugging a tree, letting you be soothed by the very essence of the earth. We recommend that you try this experience, as well as that you finally decide to practice some exercise in order to improve your mood and clear your mind. In this sense, swimming, walking, running or cycling are the best options.

But if there is something you must learn to win the battle against anxiety, it is to breathe.  To breathe correctly so that the very flow of air entering and leaving your lungs creates a measured and relaxing rhythm. Despite being such a basic and simple gesture, it is the most effective method to ward off anxiety.

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