5 steps to make a decision without anxiety

There is something that tests our anxiety and it is decision making. Faced with the prospect of having to make a decision, important or not, people suffering from an anxiety disorder  see how their problem worsens, blocking them to the point of not being able to decide. Find out how to avoid the anxiety that comes with making decisions.

The anxiety of deciding

Making a decision can trigger an anxiety problem . Nerves appear along with insecurity.  Because the probability of being wrong is there, it is real; it begins at the very moment in which you have the opportunity to decide. And what if you’re wrong? Many people are terrified of making a mistake in even the most trivial situations.

The reality is that an anxiety disorder can be aggravated by making decisions and the result is a mental block that paralyzes you . In the end, if you can avoid making that decision, you avoid it so as not to suffer the anxiety, with the result that you suffer the  frustration of vital paralysis. In the “best” of times, if you’re terrified of making a decision, you let others make it for you.

How to make decisions without anxiety

1 Assessment. it is difficult to keep a cool head if you suffer from anxiety, but when making a decision, it is best to evaluate the possible options. It is best to write them down on a piece of paper and review them in calm moments.

2 Forecast. it is also convenient to write down the possible consequences of making a wrong decision. This way you can anticipate the problems that may arise as a result of your decision.

3 Advice. it is always convenient to ask the closest people for advice. This does not mean that they are the ones who decide, but rather that they present the situation and the possibilities from another point of view.

4 Responsibility. the nerves you feel before making the decision are the product of the fear of being wrong. You must take the reins of your life; take responsibility for your decisions, for better or for worse. Nothing happens if you make a mistake, because it is something natural.

5 Decide. the sooner you make the decision, the sooner you can get rid of the anxiety that anguishes you. Decide and act, confident or not, but knowing that making decisions is an inevitable part of being alive.

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