Have you just gone through a sentimental breakup and are you living it with? Regardless of the circumstances that lead to a breakup, we know that it is not an easy situation. And it is that there are a lot of emotions that are presented in an overwhelming way and that make us feel quite bad.

All these emotions can generate a feeling of discomfort that goes beyond the merely emotional, also affecting the physical part. How can you avoid the anguish of heartbreak? We give you some keys to deal with anxiety due to a breakup that can be of great help.

What exactly is anxiety?

Feeling anxiety in some circumstances is normal, such as when we have a job interview, an, etc., but this occurs at a low level that, once the stressful situation is over, disappears.

When anxiety is at significant levels, then one can speak of an emotional disorder (specifically, an anxiety disorder). This can have serious consequences for health, mental, emotional and physical, if it is not attended to correctly on time.

These types of disorders can occur after a traumatic event, such as a sentimental breakup. For this to happen, it is not necessary to have a long-standing relationship, as it can occur at any time.

The symptoms of anxiety are very varied and include aspects related to the physical (headaches, stomach upsets, lack, excessive sweating, etc.), to the mental (intrusive thoughts), to the emotional (emotions that make you feel bad, insecurity, etc.) and even the social (affecting interpersonal relationships and with yourself).

Relationship between anxiety and sentimental breakups

The reasons why anxiety occurs in are various, and they respond to each person in particular, so it would be risky and even irresponsible to affirm that the same reasons exist for everyone. However, it is evident that in most cases there is a dependency relationship between one or both members of the couple.

Anxiety has been related to the processes of sentimental ruptures for several years now, and it is one of the main reasons for consultation of those who come requesting help from mental health professionals.

Authors such as Glass and Wright (1997) glimpsed that this type of event could produce  very high levels of anxiety, even being the cause of other mental problems, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

For each person, the process of loving can be different, and it is that various factors are combined that determine what love is for each individual and how it is experienced and expressed. These differences may be the key to understanding why not all people who break up in a relationship experience high levels of stress and/or anxiety.

How do you overcome sentimental breakup anxiety?

The narrative plays a fundamental role in the acceptance of a sentimental breakup, and the study of cases of anxiety after a sentimental breakup may become key to understanding its appearance (Corridor, 2020).

Additionally, the way in which we tell our story can be a tool to give new meaning to love breakups, causing anxiety levels to decrease and eventually disappear. In addition, the following keys can also be of great help:

Don’t suppress what you feel

One of the most common mistakes made in the face of a love break is not expressing what you feel. But we are not talking about yelling at your ex everything you feel and reproach him for. By this we mean talking about what hurts you. You can go to someone you trust or find a counselor or therapist. Cry all you have to cry, no matter how long it takes.  You are releasing and healing.

Physical exercise is a good ally

Doing physical can help you greatly. Exercise helps release dopamine, serotonin and endorphins, hormones associated with happiness.

We know that in the face of a breakup the desire to do anything is lost, but it is important that you encourage yourself to go out even if it is for a short walk. You will see how good you will feel when you finish. Just try not to go to places where you have memories with your ex.

Forgiveness is important

Forgiveness is important at the time of overcoming a love breakup. Do not stay with a grudge that is of no use to you, and that, on the contrary, contaminates your soul.

But when we we don’t just mean forgiving the other, but also yourself. It’s important that you forgive yourself for the things you didn’t do right or for the things you stopped doing. Forgive and forgive yourself!

Work on your self esteem

When breaking up with someone we feel very bad, and this makes us question ourselves. It is common to wonder if we are good people, if we did everything we should have done well, or even if we deserve what happened.

Our self-esteem is directly impacted and this causes discomfort to increase. To avoid this it is important to work on your self-esteem and how can you do it? Following the recommendations that we told you previously, or asking for help whenever you need it.

Keep busy on difficult dates

At the end, the memories remain and on important dates, such as anniversaries, nostalgia can do its thing and leave us feeling uneasy. The best thing you can do during those days is to take care of yourself (yes, allowing yourself to feel the emotion at times; don’t hold back, validate what you feel). But combining it with distraction is very good for your mental health.

Try to do activities that you like and that you had not been able to do

Take time for yourself, pamper yourself. You can give yourself a day at the spa or visit a place you’ve always wanted to go, and give a new meaning to those dates we talked about before. You can even do what you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t like, giving your life a new direction.

The professional approach to anxiety due to sentimental breakup

If you have experienced a love breakup and do not know how to deal with the consequences, we recommend that you seek help from, who will offer you resources to overcome the life circumstances that arise.

Many times anxiety is difficult to handle on our own, so it is important to have guidance on it. In addition, you will be able to work in therapy on the wounds that have remained after the breakup, so that you can be much stronger and happier.

We understand how difficult these types of situations are, but we want to remind you that  discomfort and pain are temporary. Although it may not seem like it, they will eventually dwindle until they disappear. You will have memories and learning.

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