Anxiety test to discover your level of nervousness

If you’re reading about anxiety, it’s probably because you feel nervous, agitated, irritated, exhausted you sense that you have an anxiety problem, but you don’t know to what extent. In theory, that’s what an anxiety test is for; to determine the degree or level of anxiety you’re suffering from.

However, we are of the opinion that the diagnosis of anxiety is something that we should leave in the hands of doctors. For this reason, our anxiety test is an orientation test, which helps you reflect on your anxiety disorder and discover which of the anxiety symptoms are going to give you the most problems.

In our anxiety test there are only questions, there are no results. The questions, as in any other anxiety test, try to find out which symptoms you have the most problems with.  And if there are no results in our test, it is because you yourself can intuit your degree of anxiety as you answer the questions.

Questions about physical symptoms of anxiety

– Have you had palpitations or tachycardia in the last two weeks?

– Do you feel fatigued?

– Do you notice muscle tension or any contracture?

– Do you have trouble sleeping?

– Do you feel dry mouth?

– Do you sweat more than before?

Questions about behavioral symptoms of anxiety

– Is it difficult for you to make decisions?

– Can’t you stay for a long time?

– Have you included any ritual or repetitive movements in your daily routine?

– Do you eat compulsively?

Has your mood changed and you are more irritable and sensitive?

– Do you avoid social events?

Questions about emotional symptoms of anxiety

– Do you worry about everything?

– Are you afraid of what might happen?

– Do you feel that life surpasses you?

– Do you see the future with pessimism?

– Is it difficult for you to keep your attention on something specific?

-Will you be able to calm down?

Once you have answered all these questions, it is time to reflect, to manage your thoughts. The result of this test is obvious if you have answered affirmatively to most of the questions, but in any case, if you know, believe or intuit that you are suffering from an anxiety disorder, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

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