10 natural relaxants for the nerves: herbal teas for anxiety

Nerves are a response that our body manifests as a result of multiple causes: for example, when we go through a stressful time, when we do not know how to manage certain situations. On the other hand, it is also true that there are people who, due to their nature and personality They tend to be more nervous than others.

Beyond nerves, we also find anxiety, which is a hyper activation response in our body, accompanied by various psychological, physiological and behavioral symptoms.

If you are suffering from nerves or anxiety and would like to calm these symptoms without or as a complement to it, in a natural way, you can consult this list with 10 natural relaxants for nerves. In it we explain what each of these proposals consists of and how you can take each of these infusions to help you reduce levels of activation, stress and/or anxiety.

The best natural plants to calm down and relax

As you will see, natural medicine has a large number of relaxants that we can implement in our daily lives and that can not only help us reduce nerves and anxiety, but also have other psychological and physiological benefits (for example, some of them facilitate digestion ).

1 Kava to reduce anxiety symptoms

Kava (Piper methysticum) is a plant native to the South Pacific, which provides great psychological benefits.

Also called kawakawa or kava, it is one of the options available to us if we want a natural relaxant for the nerves. Its roots are used to produce a drink with sedative, anesthetic and euphoric properties.

It is a subspecies of mint and can help reduce, nervousness, and even insomnia. As we said, it is usually taken in the form of an infusion, and a consumption of 30 to 70 mg is recommended, three times a day. It is contraindicated in case of suffering from Parkinson’s.

2 Lemon balm: the best natural tranquilizer 

Lemon balm (Melissa officinal is), also called lemongrass, mint Melissa, lemon leaf or lemon balm, is a perennial herb in the Lamiaceae family. It is native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean region. It has a strong lemon scent and is used as a natural tranquilizer. In addition, its essential oil is used in sectors such as perfumery.

It is normally consumed in the form of a Tea. Melisa It is an infusion with benefits when it comes to calm anxiety and nerves. In addition, it is also an infusion that improves digestion.

3 Tila to rest and relax

Another of the most used natural relaxants for the nerves is lime blossom. Linden, also called linden tea, consists of an infusion obtained from the flower-shaped fruit of some species of the genus tibia.

It Isa of oriental origin that can help us rest and relax. It is a little less powerful than other relaxants, such as valerian, but as a positive aspect, for example, its good flavor stands out.
It has sleeping, anxiolytic and antispasmodic properties, thanks to its ingredients: alpha-pinned, limonene, neural, eugenic and coffee acid, among others.

4 Hawthorn: an infusion to reduce blood pressure 

The white hawthorn (cartages monogyny), also called hawthorn or hawthorn, is a phanerigamous plant that belongs to the Rosacea family.

It helps calm the nerves (it is a mild sedative) and improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system. In addition, by reducing blood pressure, it is a hypotensive, which also favors circulation.

It can be consumed through an infusion, through the dried plant. On the other hand, as a natural extract it can be diluted in water, infusions and juices.

5 Passionflower: effective for tachycardia and insomnia

Passionflower (pass flora incarnate) is a climbing medicinal plant, native to the forests of the east coast of the United States. Native Americans used it mainly to cure swellings or fungal infections.

It is a natural relaxant, which derives from the passion flower. It also produces a slight euphoria, which makes it also useful for cases of depression. Beyond improving the nerves, it can bring benefits in case of suffering, insomnia or migraines.

6 The San Juan plant to improve mood 

St. John’s worth (Hypercom perforate), another natural nerve relaxant, is also known as St. John’s worth. It is a plant that contains a type of nutrients called flavonoids, which help combat oxidative stress.

Its most important active ingredient is hype ricin, a substance that improves mood and reduces anxiety levels. It can be consumed through a tea thanks to its leaves (ideally, take a maximum of 3 cups a day), or use it’s for a relaxing massage.

7 Valerian: one of the most used plants to calm the nerves 

Another of the best known plants to reduce nerves is valerian (valerian officinal is). It is also called valerian from apothecaries or medicinal valerian. It is a perennial herbaceous plant, which belongs to the ancient Valerianaceae family.

It has remarkable calming effects that improve mood and help to fall asleep. It is also recommended for headaches and menstrual.

It is prepared through an infusion, using a teaspoon of dried valerian root. The ideal is not to consume it in the morning because it can cause daytime sleepiness.

8 The properties of Salvia to reduce stress 

Another natural relaxant to calm the nerves is sage. Sage is the most numerous genus in the Lamiaceae family, and within it, the best known is the Salvia officinal is species, with medicinal properties. Sage as an aromatic plant can be consumed through sage tea. It is a plant that improves the quality of digestion and helps us relax.

9 Hops for irritability or nervous colitis

Hops (cumulus lupus) are bitter-tasting plant that can be found in various regions of Europe, Western Asia, and North America. Specifically, it is one of the three plant species of the Humalog genus, of the Cannabáceas family.

We can consume it in the form of an infusion, which will help us reduce the feeling of nerves or anxiety. It can also be useful when it comes to improving insomnia and, in addition, it facilitates digestion. On the other hand, lupus helps to relax muscle spasms and, therefore, it is indicated for, among others.

10 Basil infusion to relax the body

Basil (osmium basilica) is another natural relaxant for nerves and anxiety, although it is usually better known for its great use in gastronomy. Also called alhábega, it is an aromatic herb of the lamiaceae family, native to the tropical regions of central Africa and Southeast Asia.

Basil essential oils help relaxes the body and that is why it is beneficial to combat stress or anxiety. It can also be consumed in the form of an infusion; Of course, the ideal is to consume, at most, 3 cups of basil infusion a day.

And you have you ever consumed natural relaxants for the nerves? Did you know the proposed plants? It never hurts to know how natural medicine can help us; also, remember that natural relaxants have the great benefit of not producing side effects (unless you consume them excessively/inappropriately).

We encourage you to consult a professional in this field to continue delving into the subject and thus find out which, according to your characteristics and symptoms.

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