8 Things Only People with Anxiety Understand

There are about 10 million people in Spain who suffer from anxiety and despite the number; it is a problem that generates a lot of misunderstanding around them. Some think its nerves, others it’s weakness and most think you’re exaggerating. We want to show what it really means to suffer from anxiety and we have found some things that only people with anxiety understand.

What happens to you when you have anxiety?

One of the problems that people with anxiety face is the interaction with others, how others see their problem and their generates. It’s hard to understand a person with anxiety if you’ve never been through it, but it’s worth the effort.

1. You question everything

Anxiety generates doubts and uncertainty. You question everything, from how you are going to be able to pay the rent if you get sick to analyzing each sentence and each gesture of your friend because you have detected a certain attitude of rejection towards you. Or has it not been so? Maybe he’s just having a bad day. And that look from your boss, surely you haven’t done your perfect job today and you may get fired one of these days. And your partner, what’s wrong? He seems annoyed with you; perhaps you have said something that has hurt him. By the way, have you locked the door?

2. Stop spinning

They have said the phrase to you so many times: “it’s that you think about everything a lot” that it almost doesn’t affect you anymore. But at first yes, right? At first you could even get angry because you wanted to not think about everything, not find cause for concern  in each situation, stop thinking for a moment, put your mind blank and all those things would stop spinning in your head, just a few minutes without noise would do you great.

3. Take it easy

Although the star word that people who suffer from anxiety hear is: “calm down” and its variants, “relax”, “calm”… a single word that can make you lose control, especially if they tell you in the middle of to crisis, when you are with your heart beating out of your chest, your hands asleep and drowning because you can’t breathe. “If I could calm down, I would,” tell him truthfully.

4. Fear of what?

Not only are the that arise along the way while anxiety accompanies you, it is that anxiety generates fear. Amplified fear of concrete things and vague fear fear of fear. A situation that others cannot understand no matter how much they try to empathize or put themselves in your place. Don’t try to explain it to them; try to get them to just accept it.

5. You are always tired

Your mind does not stop because, indeed, you are constantly thinking about things. Worries do not stop growing and recurring and obsessive thoughts do not give you rest. Yours exhausted and therefore physically you are too. That tiredness that those around you do not understand and to which they try to find any origin. But the cause is there very clear: in your anxiety.

6. The crisis does not warn

People think that avoiding the situations that cause you the most anxiety is enough, but by now you will have realized that an anxiety crisis or panic does not warn you. Sometimes they occur without any specific or at least recognizable cause. It just happens.

7. Its not just anxiety

Living with anxiety has a series of consequences. If the list of anxiety symptoms consequences. Insomnia, avoidance of situations, faces fear, relieve muscle contractures, reduce stomach problems, and avoid the risk of depression, the danger of drug addiction, chronic fatigue. It’s not just anxiety.

8. It’s not imagination, it’s real

Surely on some occasion a person of extreme sincerity has told you that he does not understand you, if you do not have any problems in life. How is it possible that you live permanently worried and afraid? Surely more than once you have been told that you are exaggerating, that you are a tremendousist and that you make a problem out of nothing.  But you are not imagining your worries or your fears; they are real because anxiety makes them real.

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