All women experience anxiety. It is a natural reaction to certain situations, but what it is about is to prevent it from becoming pathological and generating conflicts with our daily activities.

Specialists say that it is best to avoid disorders caused by female anxiety and for this they recommend:

Tips to prevent female anxiety

1- Consume a healthy diet, little and varied. If you are over 30, a good remedy to eat less is to serve yourself on a small flat plate so that you never exceed the quantity.

2- Sleep at least eight hours.

3- Do exercises regularly. Walking at a brisk pace can be effective when you’re feeling anxious.

4- Lead a life without excess salt, sugar or toxic substances.

5- Learn and practice relaxation techniques such as guided fantasies, progressive muscle relaxation, yoga, tai chi or meditation.

6- Establish an adequate balance between recreational activities and responsibilities. It is advisable to spend some time with people of pleasant company.

7- Do not accumulate problems; try to solve them at the time.

8- Do not hold a grudge, forgiving is always the best therapy to get out of the conflicts that lacerate us, but if this is not possible, make a definitive decision so that this is not a recurring problem in your life.

9- Try to maintain a harmonious environment in your relationships in your home and in your work environment.

10- If you feel anxious on a recurring basis, do not self-medicate, it may be that you get the opposite effect to what you want.

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