It is not easy to learn to manage anxiety, but if we do a little on our part, added to the most appropriate medical treatment, we can achieve it. Many times we ourselves are the ones who sabotage our state of mind with activities that, far from reassuring us, cause us more anxiety.

The list of those activities that can worsen anxiety is very long and depends on the type of anxiety in question as well as personal characteristics. But there are a few that, whatever the type or cause of anxiety, are very harmful. And these are activities that we regularly carry out with which we must be very careful.


Watching TV is one of the worst enemies of peace of mind. It is not about banishing the television from your home and your life, but tries to watch TV only when you are interested in a program, series or movie. Because many times we sit in front of the silly box just because we have run out of strength to do something else, exhausted from thinking so much.

Watching television without special interest is very harmful for anxiety, especially if we do it at night. With the care that we must take with insomnia in periods of anxiety, television is not the best option to go to bed relaxed.


The computer generates a lot of anxiety whether we use it for work or for leisure time. It is especially dangerous if we use it for both because in the end we are unable to disconnect throughout the day and we end up with permanent stress. It is convenient to define the functions and the schedule before putting ourselves in front of the computer.

Social networks are not the best balm of peace either. The number of hours we spend with our virtual friends, talking to or with them or simply watching what they do and say  generate a lot of anxiety . Many behavioral disorders are generated by the improper use  we make of social networks.

And it is that the amount of activities we do on the computer can end our peace of mind.  Checking the mail, working late, chatting, playing…many of these activities we do all at the same time and we don’t even realize it, but our mind becomes saturated until we are totally blocked in what is known as “intoxication”.

Mobile phone

We will never tire of repeating the mobile phone thing: we. With the telephone, practically the same thing happens as with the computer, with the particularity that the computer, at the end of the day and even if it is late, we turn it off. However, the mobile does not allow us to focus on ourselves even for a moment.

There we have What Sapp that causes us to be in a constant state of alert, looking at who is online, making a mental note of the difference between their last communication with us and their last connection… and making all kinds of conjectures about the reason for their silence. Nomophobia, which is a type of anxiety disorder caused by mobile phones, has already been diagnosed, as well as phantom vibration syndrome. But about this relationship between mobile phone and Anxiety Rivers of ink will flow.

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