Problems that people who suffer from anxiety have

Anxiety is an emotional response that people activate as a survival method, but sometimes this can go further and lead to pathological anxiety disorders. People who experience this type of anxiety may have problems such as the following:


Any strange noise you hear at home will keep you alert. All the bad things that can happen to a person go through your mind.


If your partner takes more than a minute to answer a What Sapp while online, your despair is growing by the minute. Stop! Let no one come near.


It is part of your personality. Optimistic people are usually happier but they can also suffer more, that’s why you make sure to go with a NO for life. How rewarding it is to say ‘ I told you so’.

To plan

Your ‘spontaneous self’ never comes out. If things are not planned to the millimeter, you don’t take risks. Definitely “who does not risk does not win” is not your phrase.


Meeting new people is not in your plans either. You are used to the people around you, you know their hobbies and they know yours, why do you need to have more friends?


Going to a doctor’s appointment baffles you. You can go with a toothache and discover diseases in parts of your body that you didn’t even know existed.


Crowds are not your thing and less public speaking. An exhibition can generate a nervous breakdown before, during and after it. If the work is in a group, let someone else do it, the team is here to help.

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