Self-help guide against anxiety; resources to live calmer

We have been fighting anxiety for some time or, rather, anxiety disorders that prevent us from living calmly, walking freely and, ultimately, preventing us from being happy. That is why we search and search for all the resources that we have within our reach that allow us to fight anxiety in a more effective and lasting way.

Without giving up medical treatments, or alternative therapies, or psychotherapy, or even grandmother’s remedies to combat nerves, we ourselves are the main protagonists of this anti-anxiety crusade. That is why we have prepared a self-help guide against anxiety.

Knowing anxiety

The first step to win the battle against anxiety is to know it well, thoroughly. Knowing our enemy, how it works, when it is triggered, when it does the most damage and what its disguises are will allow us to eliminate it at the root, avoiding relapses and unnecessary fears.

A good option to learn about anxiety is to keep a kind of diary where we write down what are the situations that trigger our nerves, whether we were at work, with our partner, at a social event or with our family. It is also a good idea to write down what we were doing or thinking just before the anxiety kicked in and we thought we had lost control.

Weapons against anxiety

Once we have identified the situations that cause anxiety problems, we can begin to combat them. In front of the nerves, the tranquility that is achieved through relaxation and breathing prevails. Any relaxation technique will serve to calm the nerves and prevent anxiety from paralyzing us.

A good resource to keep anxiety away is to distract ourselves. Focusing our efforts on doing the things we like the most is good medicine against the exaggerated worries that fill our minds due to anxiety. With the mind free of unnecessary pressure, it is time to start fighting and defeat anxiety.

Beat anxiety

Anxiety is overcome with a change in our behavior. For this it is necessary to eliminate the automatic thoughts induced by anxiety that are full of fear, insecurity and pessimism. Along the same lines, we must avoid all those toxic people who do not believe in us and surround ourselves with love, hugs and smiles. Surround ourselves with positive people.

We must also make contact with reality, avoid anxious distortion believing that everything is going to go wrong, that we are not capable of doing it well or that we do not deserve to be happy. Removing guilt and gaining confidence and self-esteem are key to being able to face anxiety.

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